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    Maria Mango

    Hi all!

    So after about a month and a half at my job, I’ve been offered a promotion that is not just a little step up as I had expected but a HUGE step up. I’m overjoyed but also a little wary because the position requires a ton of extra responsibility and pressure to make my project grow.

    I am not shy, I take on risks because I know they will help me grow so I’m not worried about that part.But the reason why the company asked me to fill this position was because my old boss stepped down due to conflicts with management among other reasons.

    So my question is: does anyone have any advice as to handle potentially difficult professional situations?

    Just a little background: It’s a small company with a few really dedicated people that take on the majority of the work, as in they overwork themselves because they so passionately invested in the company’s success. Sometimes they play the blame game when things slip through the cracks and things can be pretty tense. Besides that, some members of my new team are not easy to deal with and I can potentially see conflicts arising with them as much as I’d like to avoid that.

    So in short, I’m pretty new to the professional game to begin with and now I’m taking on an even bigger challenge so any advice at all is so appreciated!

    Thanks a bunch my friends!


    Kristi Richert

    Hi Maria,

    Whether it be professional or otherwise, it is all part of life. Too often, it seems that employers (and even some employees) strive to deny basic human behavior when they enter the workplace. But, the truth is that we can’t simply flip a switch and not be people.

    For that reason, lean on authenticity and empathy. Be clear on your values, and choose your actions with those values to guide you. Practice mindfulness and be intentional about your choices. If you find yourself strategizing, take a step back and remember the human perspective of the situation. It will never fail you.

    Best wishes and much success!


    Maria Mango

    Hey Kristi,

    Thanks for the advice it is much appreciated :)!


    Adam P

    To the East Side

    Just had to include that. But seriously Maria, what I did just there is certainly a great ice breaker whenever there is an introduction or tension within a company or at a job. Be creative.
    Regarding your situation, if you want your team to gel with one another, it starts with you. I assume this new position is being the new boss after your previous boss left. You will have to be comfortable talking and guiding/leading others. So if you suffer from any public speaking or social anxiety, now is the time to take care of it. Be ready to lead staff meetings and address your co workers with progress as well as concerns. You mentioned how you are not afraid to take risks and one component of being the boss is doing things that are not popular with everyone. This is what separates leaders from followers.
    A second component would be learn how to listen to your employees whether it be about work or their personal issues. Well almost everyone comes to work with their issues and thus affects their performance.
    As well one thing that I have noticed is that employees respond better when you come up to them and ask to speak with them rather than “shout” for them or have them paged, etc.

    Thank you and take care

    Maria Mango


    I see what you did there, very clever haha. You are right, humor is always a good way to break the ice in a tense situation! This is all great advice that I’ll certainly take to heart, thank you very much!




    It’s really wonderful what happened, and however it goes, trust me it will look amazing on your CV and will open many possibilities in future. I see that you are very invested in making this work and I can say you got some wonderful advises already. I always believe in treating people in human manner and they will respond with dedication.

    But in this process, please never forget to draw a line somewhere, because unfortunately there will always (always!) be someone who will try to exploit your kindness, and there might be also someone who will use your dedication and determination, in order to ‘load’ you with even more responsibilities, sometime more than it’s humanly possible to handle. It happens often to young and inspired people. Work hard, be warm and kind, but never let anyone mistake your kindness for weakness 🙂

    I wish you a lot of luck, and also to enjoy this wonderful journey that is ahead of you. I believe this is a beginning of an amazing career!

    Maria Mango

    Hi Maria_L!

    So the two Marias finally meet lol!

    Thank you so much for your kind words and advice, they really mean a lot!!



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