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    First I wanted to say thank you to Lori, for leting me kow it was ok to post on your site.
    I understand ,oney os very tight for very many people. As a single mom of 25 yrs No one more than myself can understand that more. All I ask is to who ever reads this…..
    Please share our story.
    My family doesn’t deserve this for Christmas. This past year we have gone through so much.
    This is now the 2nd Holiday season hit with surgeries and helath realted issues.
    I have NO idea what to do at this point. I know they changed FL laws & not to help renters much.
    I know there is a legal process but I am not a lawyer, nor do I have the money for a lawyer.
    I do not simply have the money to pay for an emotional support animal certificate.
    Nor do I have the double security cus I know I will never see the security deposits nor the extra months rent he has had sitting in an account for over 3 years.
    Everyone in this world needs to see how cold, how cruel and just evil someone can be to a family for the Holidays.
    A family who has put food on that person’s table, paid that person’s bills, I’m sure put presents under their tree and paid for the home 3 times over in just shy of 8years.
    My family has had a doozy of a year. I have had 4 surgeries , my boy’s dad has had back surgery (he doesn’t live with us but it’s still hard on the kids) and..
    My 19yr is going for heart surgery consultation later this week to decide how soon they need to control his crazy high heart rate.
    Basically my son has a walking heart attack waiting to happen. His rate is 3 times higher than it should be & stress like what happened to us last week could kill my 19yr old son.
    On Monday our garage flooded due to the landlord just not fixing anything correctly.
    This happened numerous times , the toilet would just randomly start running.
    The bathroom itself had been fully redone 3 times and the 6th time the toilet was supposedly fixed was this past September. In September I specifically stated to both the handman & landlord to fix the valve so IF this happens again I can simply shut off the water.
    Nope put a shiny new handle on the shut off valve and Oh you wanted it to work too?
    So I had water going down the street 3 blocks! Water I have to pay for is not included in the rent.
    I came home from the store to this!
    After going back and forth with the landlord over it for a few hours. Finally he sends his handyman to fix it …
    Who tells me well I have to come back tomorrow cuz I didn’t bring my plumber tools? I am gonna fix that valve this time.
    I asked WHY it wasn’t done the last time.
    Handyman says well he told me not to fix the valve just put a new handle on it it will be fine.
    So as I am sure anyone can imagine I was furious.
    Our rent has been paid ON TIME every month for just shy of 8 yrs! We moved into this house 2/19/2016.
    The Landlord has extra 1 mo rent in the account Plus a security deposit.

    Mind you December Rent is paid already This happened on Nov 27th & December rent is Already paid!
    Tuesday I sent him an email explaining that the stress level in this house is pretty high. My son is going for heart surgery. He will need a few weeks of recovery time, could be as much as 8 weeks.
    I just had 2 back to back surgeries on my main arteries on Nov 7th & Nov 8th almost died in the process.

    I was as nice as I could be but was very clear that enough is enough.
    If you can not fix things correctly hire professionals to do the work then I just do not see how I can renew the lease.
    I apologized and said I’m sorry if my attitude isn’t the best but as a mother knowing your son is having heart surgery I am simply a basket case right now. I said I understand you have no kids and can not possibly understand what I am going through as a mother but my kids are my life and my entire world this has me rocked.
    I explained THIS is our 2nd Christmas in a row now that has been affected by health issues and surgeries as he already knew I had 2 surgeries a year ago in November one of the 2 was very major, so right now none of us need added stress. I explained the simple stress that can kill my son.
    (As we all know Just Being the holidays alone is ALWAYS stressful for anyone.)
    I then asked WHY he refused to allow the handyman to fix the valve in September?
    I stated IF had been fixed correctly this last time, I would have simply shut the water off and went about my business …
    You would have never even heard from me.
    Well that seemed to set him off ……
    Around 5pm I got a notice on my door.

    You have 7 days to “GET RID OF THE PITBULLS”
    IF you want to stay till the end of your lease 1/31/2024.
    Your lease says NO PETS…… whoa .. slow up there guy…
    In December of 2015 I 1st contacted this man when we STILL lived in Chicago. At that time he was told we have a cat at that time who was just about 11yrs old. He said oh no problem, just give me a small deposit for the cat you’re all good.
    The day I signed the very first lease I saw the no pets thing. He said that a standard lease you’re fine don’t worry and I knew one day that it would come back to bite and it did. I gave him $125 for the deposit for the cat. I asked several times for a receipt for that $125. I never got it.
    Back to the dogs…. 5ys old Amstaff/ Rottweiler mix & 11 mo Husky/Pit mix.
    These dogs have NEVER hurt or bite anyone!
    I emailed, called, spoke with him over the phone and EVEN texted him about us having the dog back when my oldest son brought the p[uppy home Roscoe was 4 weeks old.
    Just before my grandson started walking , he is 4 now I had contacted the landlord about us going in halves to finish the fence in the backyard one because of the dog , two my grandson would be walking soon and three since we do not have a bathtub for my arthritic conditions I wanted to get an above ground pool being Florida. Why would you not want a pool?

    We talked about it a few times when he went MIA for a few months. My youngest son and I finished the fence. This was back when my grandson was around 6 months. My thoughts were if he was anything like his dad he would be walking VERY soon my oldest started walking at 7and a half months. Since I was watching the baby a lot the street we live on they fly, I mean REALLY fly down this street. It was a safety measure for both my grandson and the dog to have a fenced in yard.
    So…. He KNEW years ago that dog was here!
    Stella is a few days shy of her 1st Birthday. My oldest son brought her home this past spring in April. I was still healing from my 2nd surgery. I was on a 6 month healing time still had time to go at that point.
    From August 22 — June 23 so much was a blur I honestly do not remember IF I told him about Stella or not. Between pain and pain meds I was not in the best shape for almost a year.

    September came and Not only was the handyman here to fix the toilet but the landlord himself was here Physically INSIDE the house.
    You can not hide a 130lb Amstaff/ Rottweiler and You can not hide a 90lb Husky/Pit. Both dogs barked a lot when he came…
    He saw BOTH dogs two days in a row one day — outside one day inside.
    This all was simply to be evil, nasty, cruel and heartless to do to a family weeks before Christmas.

    You can read more of the story on our gofundme page here: https://www.gofundme.<wbr />com/f/37ivz6mubc

    Other Donation Options here : https://linktr.ee/thebodypure
    This is my TikTok page. I have several videos of this and of the dogs .
    https://www.tiktok.com/@<wbr />thebodypure
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