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    I believe that I heard or read that our current relationship are not random that we have meet or interacted in past lives. Maybe not in the same way e.g. I could have been a dog in past life and my mother was my owner. Is this true and that our lives are in some way pre- designed? e.g. if someone dies either by accident or old age it was already disdain to happen, even if they take their own life?
    Sorry, if I’m not explaining myself clearly but any help understanding this would be appreciated? Trixie-Belle


    Hi Trixie,

    I believe in past lives on a spiritual level.

    I also believe that people bond with each other through bred-in-the-bone recognition. Like if I am attuned with someone and dig deeper into our family trees, I sometimes find that their ancestors lived in the town next to mine or in the same region (i.e. Carpathian Mountains). Or that our grandparents worked together once. That kind of thing.

    Most of the time I accept it, and don’t try to figure it out.

    And remember, sometimes we just hit it off with someone ~ we really are meeting them for the first time! Fodder for future life run-ins!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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