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    Nikolay Perov

    Hello everybody, my name is Nikolay Perov. Several years ago I created a website devoted to personal development and meditation. My articles are based mainly on my personal experience of fighting with my personal problems like depression, panic disorder, ADHD, addictions, bad character traits with the help of meditation and other methods. I am trying to help people with same problems. This site became very popular in Russia (my native country) and I decided to translate it into English with the help of translator which I have hired. I know English little, but not to well, as you can see in this post =)

    My aim is to help people to put into daily practice meditational experience. I think my main ideas intersect with the ideas of tiny Buddha. I am practical person. I introduce people to meditation like a practice which will provide help in coping with their psychological problems. I am not talking about Enlightenment, Spiritual path, etc. People need to cope with fears, panic, self-distrust and I provide information and methods for these aims. My main idea is: I had a lot (really a lot) personal problems, I solved them partly (I continue solving them – I am not ideal), I have developed many of my personal skills, I have changed completely, and I hope that I can change you how to change and how to solve your problems.

    Please feel free to criticize my website. It will be wonderfull if you share links (if you like it of course). How is the language? I doubt in my translator, I think that the text seems little odd. It looks like translation, not like original text((

    Here are links. Website:


    Please, read several articles and post your opinion. Actually I get little comments now (on my English website), and that’s why I am highly interested in your opinion.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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