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    samrat mandal

    I have OCD(Obssesive Compulsive Disorder) ,so I can’t stop myself from thinking unwanted bad thoughts.I have consulted psychiatrist.He said i am not responsible for my thought but the OCD.How hard i try to suppress or substitute it comes back.Is it create bad karma or sin?So i have to compelled to commit mental sin as long as i live?Then the only way remains to stop this thing is suicide?Please help me .Should i observe attonement?I observe fasting two days in a month.Is it enough?What should i do please help.


    Hello Samrat mandal
    I can feel ur pain frnd,as my best friend too has OCD.
    You knw everyone will tel u its uncurable
    ,many will tel you something which will make u question on ur own existence , but let me tell u that we are all humans and we all suffer ! Yeah, we all suffer either physical or mental or emotional pain in our lives,only those who live with the positivity in them lives well.
    Dear friend when my best friend is wondering why he is thinkng soo much on a trivial thing which any normal person wil not even pay attention to,or how can he think such a horrible situation /consequences/result of any situation ,he really starts feeling pitty for himself, but he truly feels better n tries to move on from such thoughts when he shares.
    He has a gud support of friends who accept him.,listen to him even when he is repeating himself,
    I personaly keep asking him what he is thinkng ,whats bothering him..and when he shares it helps him to feel better n stronger !

    I wud suggest you to have people around u who understand to, listen to u and assure you that these are just thoughts!
    I knw always havng such people arnd u isnt possible, thats y i accompanied my best friend to Pychiatrist who askd him to do ERP(exposure n response prevention)which really helps and medication.
    Though these treatment procedures takes time,but he is better. So i wud suggest u to consult one too.

    My friend i wud ask u to involve in ur day today life with minimal stress,as stress increases these racing thoughts n then the cycle.
    My friend these are thoughts which ur mind is compelling u to think,these thoughts are not yours, never think negative..a lot of people has it !
    You can see videos on net,how people cope with them
    I would request you to start keeping a journal this will help u be happy n fight racing negative thoughts
    Have faith in god n learn meditation and do it daily,your kind needs to relax, eat less fat,more vitamins minerals n roughage containing food.
    Regular exercise will keep u healthier n positive.
    Dont feel low my friend.. You will be fine. Just few changes in your life style n u wug be better 🙂
    All the best
    Do post after a month or so. Wud love to knw ur progress
    God bless you
    Happy life😊


    Dear Samrat manda:

    I had OCD since the age of five or six. This is my reply to your post: you are not committing any kind of sin thinking anything at all that you are thinking. Not only you as an OCD sufferer, but nobody is committing sin by thinking any kind of thought. Unfortunately at least one religion I know teaches that a thought can be a sin. But I strongly disagree. It is only our behavior, or the ACTING on a thought that can help or hurt another. So the thinking itself is a mental activity, invisible, only you know about it. What you think does not make you a good or bad person.

    Your thoughts have no power unless you act on them. In the real world, your thoughts have no power unless you act on them. Your thoughts cause you a lot of distress and by so they have power over you now. But no power over other people, therefore, they cannot be sinful by themselves.

    OCD is fueled by FEAR that originated in your childhood. You were very afraid and alone then. That fear keeps circulating in your brain, attaching itself to this or that thought in effort to resolve itself. It is possible, through good psychotherapy, to get insight into the origin of the fear, learn skills how to calm yourself, to endure strong emotions… and over time, the fear will diminish, as you place the fear in the past, understand what was then dangerous, or perceived as dangerous, is no longer a danger to you. When you understand the danger is not present, when you fully understand it, then the fuel for the OCD will run out…



    Hi Samrat,

    OCD is NOT Sin or Bad Karma!

    It is just a condition many have just like any other physical/biological condition.

    Here is the link to the International OCD Foundation website which has information that will help you:

    GOD bless !

    samrat mandal

    thanks Purpose for standing beside me .thanks anita ur words give me peace. thanx BenzRabbit I have checked the link and it is very helpful.


    Dear samrat mandal:

    You are welcome. Please post again, anytime. This doesn’t have to be a one time post. If this was helpful, do post again and again…


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