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    Sorry..some autocorrect words are wrong in btw ! My apologies to @Anita,@Nina..@Peter


    Hello @Peter… Thank-you for ur lovely list… These days m more on bringing out worst in me n this relationship! He is bothered too,about my behaviour .he has never seen me this weak n low! I will keep in mind what all you wrote..thanks so much! I hope u r doing good… Pls add anything you like to add… It would be my pleasure to read thoughts n wisdom! Take care… I have taken screen shot and will get it printed ! In fact all these advises i will save n keep reading to fill myself with positivity and hope! Thanks once again!


    Hello @Nina Sakura… Thanks for ur kind words… I feel better now… Yes i do alot of things u mentioned … N you know I’m very focussed for my exam,im reading whole day in library.. discussing topics with my calibrate frndship! But when I return home n it’s time to sleep n my mind starts recalling how we used to be n now how we are .. that makes me sad.. trust me..I love him.. I do trust him..but fear of losing him keepse anxious! I fear long distance has lead to a gap in btw us… Which is more in my mind I guess! I know he needs his time,space..new frnz., everything! But I miss him n feel weak… This is what hurts! M v much studying for my exam… Yes what I expected from him was a little more care n concern..but may be such is life…u can’t burden people with ur expectations! M working on my self ..i will improve in this front..I miss my old self..strong and self dependent! Thanks for reading and replying…I feel so much cared for… M a very emotional person…I feel everything v deeply…which goes against me manyatimes! I feel love and care are only emotions that needs to b der in life… Thanks again…


    Him.thanks @Anita.. yes I agree with you., He is not my life partner yet… Since our families are involved to some extent…so we take it very seriously! May b things are more in my past insecties when I was left alone by my best frnds at different times in my life…without my fault..so i guess I need to work on myself… Any words of wisdom are welcomed… I used to b strong person but these frndship break ups made me weak… Thanks for reading… I feel good that someone is taking out time n replying to my issues .. this means a lot to me!


    Thanks @anita and @nina Sakura.
    I really needed help… This anxiety is killer!I posted my replies above.. thanks… I need people like u n dis wisdom!thanks


    Thanks @Anita and @Nina Sakura.
    I really needed help… This anxiety is killer..


    Thanks Nina Sakura.. thanks for ur kind words dear.. ! Yes I trust him he is der for me,but day to day struggle with my own self and expectations from him that he should understand me at each level of my emotional journey makes me more n more anxious. I have a fear of loosing people I love,which sometimes kills me ! I know I should be doing what you are saying,but I feel little fearfull of the fact that he has frnd der..what if he gets someone and he doesn’t tel me this..may b I’m creating more problems in my head than der are actually… But what no one is understanding is I’m little low n may be require external care n acceptance,may be that will fill me with more hope and less anxiety! Ya I will do al this what u suggested,thanks so much! Main problem is I’m one month away from a major exam,so I’m kind of busy making both ends meet..and in this I have to undergo his absence physically and manyatimes emotionally,that really bothers me! May be I’m too muchand always available for my people when they need me ,that subconsciously leade to expect more from him too! M trying to heal myself from all my childhood frnd ship traumas which I remember and do something good with my life, I’m not feeling good with the way I m rite now… I will do my best to come out of it.. thanks for reading… I’m grateful to u.


    Hello dear Anita ..thanks for ur reply..I always read ur answers and I thank you for ur help u always offer to everyone here.. thanks for being this amazing…. I think I grew more insecure of this fact that long distance makes relationship weaker n eventually people end up breaking up…he kept me telling to watch my thoughts when he was moving out. He is caring but due to his tight schedules he gets little time to chat,but he still talks to me daily,no matter what. Yes fights are mainly because I m comparatively less occupied n I expect him to talk ..but sometimes he is out with his frnz..going for me, he then becomes little different..as in he enjoys and expect me not to disturb him..! He doesn’t take my Cal’s too wheñ out with frnz… He says he needs his time… I know he needs dat…but I become sad when he is not reaching out… Is it a cold behavior..,Shud he b left,, I even asked him has he fallen for someone,he completely denied and said he is enjoying his new friends circle der… Dear Anita pls fill me with words of wisdom.. this long distance has really made me anxious… 🙁


    Hello Samrat mandal
    I can feel ur pain frnd,as my best friend too has OCD.
    You knw everyone will tel u its uncurable
    ,many will tel you something which will make u question on ur own existence , but let me tell u that we are all humans and we all suffer ! Yeah, we all suffer either physical or mental or emotional pain in our lives,only those who live with the positivity in them lives well.
    Dear friend when my best friend is wondering why he is thinkng soo much on a trivial thing which any normal person wil not even pay attention to,or how can he think such a horrible situation /consequences/result of any situation ,he really starts feeling pitty for himself, but he truly feels better n tries to move on from such thoughts when he shares.
    He has a gud support of friends who accept him.,listen to him even when he is repeating himself,
    I personaly keep asking him what he is thinkng ,whats bothering him..and when he shares it helps him to feel better n stronger !

    I wud suggest you to have people around u who understand to, listen to u and assure you that these are just thoughts!
    I knw always havng such people arnd u isnt possible, thats y i accompanied my best friend to Pychiatrist who askd him to do ERP(exposure n response prevention)which really helps and medication.
    Though these treatment procedures takes time,but he is better. So i wud suggest u to consult one too.

    My friend i wud ask u to involve in ur day today life with minimal stress,as stress increases these racing thoughts n then the cycle.
    My friend these are thoughts which ur mind is compelling u to think,these thoughts are not yours, never think negative..a lot of people has it !
    You can see videos on net,how people cope with them
    I would request you to start keeping a journal this will help u be happy n fight racing negative thoughts
    Have faith in god n learn meditation and do it daily,your kind needs to relax, eat less fat,more vitamins minerals n roughage containing food.
    Regular exercise will keep u healthier n positive.
    Dont feel low my friend.. You will be fine. Just few changes in your life style n u wug be better 🙂
    All the best
    Do post after a month or so. Wud love to knw ur progress
    God bless you
    Happy life😊


    Thanks Anita for replying
    Im better now. Thanks


    Hi olivia Hopkins
    First of all i wud like to congratulate you on your success of building yourself into a person n being proud of yourself., friend im also proud of You. I think your girl frnd has her own reasons to not forgive you and keep thinking and blaming you about the things that were in past, see its an individual preference and wisdom to let go or hold on to things and in this case she is preferring to hold on.
    But one thing with all my heart i want to say is that Love is about forgiving and love is about forgetting too, if we truly live somebody and see his/her efforts to be better ,this change should be appreciated and welcomed with open arms and reward of changing must be forgiveness and forgetfulness.
    If i would have been at your place i would have kept loving her and at the same time would have gone after my dreams.. Coz thats my real calling
    Olive if someone has to be with you he or she will make it with you . Why dont you give her a chance to miss you or think about forgetting all what happened and get over it and then cone with you. Dear go out for your dreams.,thats your purpose in life , in case you are still doubtful i would suggest be calm n think wudnt you have let her follow her dream if she had got a chance to do so ,rather than thinkng to drop the idea n staying with you.
    You have done your part in this relationship you have been through everything and im sure you have grown as a wise person so move to this opportunity this will definitely open new doors in life for you. Im very hopefull if u will follow your dream,your calling you will get many things which you never imagined ever..
    Go friend. Live for yourself once
    I would love to knw abt your decision
    Pls post it !

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    • This reply was modified 9 years, 3 months ago by Purpose.

    Hi @Big Blue.. Thanks for writing…i felt great when i read..atleast you showed some kindness ..im really Thankfull to you
    i have been really very depressed all these days..and i dont know how to stop being negative.. i have never been like this
    When I say I give 100%, by that i mean.. im always a person who is there for a friend..at any hour of day..be it any situation..be it any kind of support..
    Yes I agree with you that always giving and rarely recieving results in resentments.. Im honest as friend means..i dont lie to my friends ,I never fake stories or never lie to them.. im always there..and i make sure im there..because i know thw pain of being left alone by friends.. 🙁
    im sorry if i wasnt clear.. i will try to explain more if you want
    God Bless


    Hello @Little Buddha
    soo good to see that you have such a kind soul.. im Proud of You and i felt great after reading your post, You are setting an example of how beautiful humans are ..despite all the flaws !
    Thanks for sharing buddy !
    so about your confusion.. i would say..if i had been at your place Little Buddha… i would have definately called her mother and talked to her frankly..trust me..mothers are full of love ,compassion and acceptance…they dont judge. Her Mother would definately talk to you and liaten to you..and you will feel good after telling her all what you have to say.
    It is very much required to tel others how they have helped us and how thankful we are to them,irrespective of other things( in ur case ur break up ,it should not stop You to tel her mom how much u are grateful you are)
    So dear go and call her… if not possible mail her and write everything what you want to say…
    and one thing more.. please… dont blame yourself for the break up..its always from both the sides.. you dont have to be that harsh on yourself, we all go through emotional times.. but this should make us better..and not bitter
    so go ahead… Trust me..you will pat yourself for doing this !

    we all would like to knw what and how u told her mother..keep in touch !God BLess


    Hello My @Will.. how are you doing.. seriously i never expected anyone to write ”drama battery” for me .
    I think TB is all about being caring compassionate and supportive toward each other… trust me.. as i wrote..im working on my writing.. please dont be so harsh , i really dint expect this from anyone here.. im sorry for writing this..!


    hello elder sis @Jasmine-3 how r u doing..m extremely sorry for replying soo late..
    yes im becoming better everyday.. hoping to become better from al dis…. i will keep u posted

    hi @Maureen.. thanks for ur words… they helped me heal myself..

    im really happy to be here n i feel..we all are family..:) thanks all…

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