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    I Never thought I’m like this but it turns out that my shadow self is being exposed.

    I’m being shown I’m hypocritical. My shame and guilt are huge. The only thing that can heal me is acceptance but I’m unable to.

    For example, I never thought I’ll judge people based on certain things. But some patterns are repeating in my life where my shadow part is being exposed but people think I’m a ‘good’ person (perhaps I show myself to be nice, I’m not sure. I don’t feel very self aware) and I feel I far from it.


    Dear Rainbow:

    “my shadow self is being exposed..  hypocritical.. people think I’m a ‘good’ person”- but you believe that you are a bad person.

    “The only thing that can heal me is acceptance but I am unable to”- Rainbow, you can’t accept that you are a bad person because it is not true that you are a bad person. It is not true that you have a shadow self that is bad.

    But there is something else that you need to accept, and haven’t yet (later in this message).

    “My shame and guilt are huge”- not because you are a bad person who unintentionally keeps hurting other people terribly, but because as a child you were told that lie in one way or another (that you were a bad girl who kept saying and doing hurtful things).

    I re-read your Feb-April 2018 posts, and formed the above thoughts based on my reading. Back in Feb 18, four years after you posted some comments on an internet forum, you were still tortured by the idea that you unintentionally hurt the people who read your comments four years before, imagining that your comments were terribly offensive: “I did not realize the intensity and compelling tone in my words.. I definitely hurt and caused confusion to so many people… I wish I could rewind the past.. Obsessive thoughts that I could make such a huge mistake.. I wish I could take away the hurt I caused people.. if they took offense”-

    – we all make mistakes, Rainbow, so you make mistakes too, but not as often and not as big as you think you do. You imagine that a small mistake that you make hurts others in a huge way. Often you don’t make a mistake at all, but you fear that you do, fearing that you hurt someone in a huge way.

    Here is an example of you doing nothing wrong but fearing that you did something wrong: “I had made a comment on guilt and maybe unconsciously let people feel guilt of their past”-

    – you made an honest comment about guilt, not intending to hurt anyone, having good intention, (you spontaneously expressed yourself).. but then you fear that someone might have felt bad as a result. What I am typing here for you is typed with good intention, to help you with truth as my guide. But there is no way for me to make sure that you (and anyone else reading this) will not feel distress as a result of reading any of my words. It is simply impossible; there is no perfect-way to express myself that will guarantee that no one gets offended. (Readers/ people have thousands of connections in their brains, and everyone has different connections, different over-sensitivities, different triggers, different annoyances, etc.).

    It is very difficult to live with such a false burden, the burden of undeserved shame and unearned guilt. Every time you manage to forget the burden and express yourself freely, the shame and guilt catch up with you too soon, trapping you in a prison of  nagging doubt, painful over-thinking/ obsessing.. ‘what did I say that was bad, that hurt other people..?

    This burden causes you so much distress, that it takes over your brain and your life: “I worry if some forwarded message has hurt someone’s feelings. It takes me a week or so to come out of beating myself up. I am a talented person but my hyper sensitive reactions prevent me from utilizing my full potential. It takes days for me to get back to normal from my overthinking habits… All my peers are married.. and have a job. How did my life turn out this way?”

    This burden, this torture is what is behind some  of your symptoms: “I am suffering chronic pain from three years.. I’ve had migraines and allergic wheezing for ten yeas. I assume the pain could be due to chronic stress and also health conditions I already have” (April 2018).

    Earlier in this message I wrote to you that you can’t accept that you are a bad person because it is not true that you are a bad person, and that there is something else that you need to accept. What I believe that you need to accept is that you have grown up with a parent or parents who made you feel very, very guilty. Not because you were guilty but because they said so.

    Your parent surprised you each time when she/he accused you of  saying or doing something wrong, and you couldn’t figure out how to know ahead of time if you are about to say or do something that will bring the next accusation, the next time that you will  be made to feel  so painfully guilty and ashamed. The reason you couldn’t find a way to predict that next time is .. that you didn’t say or do anything wrong to begin with. You were falsely accused.

    You are probably still living with that parent, at 33, I assume, if you are still living in the same country as before, your home country.

    You posted a quote back in March 2018: “Make an island of yourself, make yourself your refuge; there is no other refuge. Make truth your island”- your island cannot include in it the parent or parents who have instilled this burden in you. Once you live apart from your accuser, then you will  be able to do the rest of the work required to remove this unfortunate burden from your brain and life.




    Hey Rainbow, I appreciate where you are coming from. I think it is great that you are acknowledging an issue you may have, and are racking your brain to come up with a solution. Just in that single way of thinking, you are off to a great start and ahead of the curb I feel.

    After reading your post, you come across as a smart guy. Not only do you have an idea of what your issue is, but a potential source of where it originated. So now what? We are all human and judging someone too early is something we are at fault with AT LEAST once.

    It sounded like you may have conquered this issue before, since you mentioned “history is repeating itself”. I’d suggest thinking back on how you were about to overcome that issue the first time. If that doesn’t work, when people say, “you aren’t a good person”, for starters… I don’t even know you and disagree with that.

    Its clear that you have empathy and care about how you communicate with people from your message. Universally, that is one of the top attributes of a good person.

    With that said, lack of communication tends to be one of the greatest problem of mankind. Could that be something that gives people the wrong idea? You also mention not being self-aware; your entire post came off as self-aware to me pal. Are you expression the same or similar feelings in your personal relationships? When people bring up something, such as you “not being self-aware”, or “hypocritical”; How do you react? Do you try to understand why they may feel that way, or become defensive? It sounds like the answer to your question is really close, and I hope those questions help you connect some type of dots.

    My man, don’t beat yourself up so much. Whatever shadow you had in the past, you gave a fuck to overcome it and be a better person. Not everybody has the courage to acknowledge and make an effort to change. Be proud of what you’ve overcame and remember to focus on how you overcame that shadow, so that you keep moving forward.

    I don’t know you, but I like you. I dig your spirit. Keep moving forward, good luck bro.

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