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    Hi everyone,

    Recently i’ve posted a post of a pic indicating that i’m promoting a house for sale (like a marketing advertising of property to help my father sell houses, because it’s his business). But one of my friend commented that he thought that im now working as a property agent, in which im not as im working with my dad to sell houses and i’ve explained to her.

    But i saw that there are 200 people that have seen my post and i’m afraid most of them will thought that i’m a real property agent/marketing for advertising like that.
    What i’m afraid is that i used to always wear branded outfits, and if they thought that i’m a property agent they might thought the outfit im wearing is fake.
    Am i thinking too much regarding this posts? I have difficulty sleeping thinking about this, after one of my friend commented like that. As my intention of posting that is to help my father, and also to show that this is my family business. I dont like being misunderstood.



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    As long as you are “clear” about your intentions (which it sounds like you are), don’t worry too much what others are thinking or not thinking. Your intentions seem genuine, clear and honorable to me – you are helping your father sell a property. If someone is confused or curious about your intentions, let them approach you (like your friend did), and then you can respond to their comments or questions.

    As for people thinking that your outfits are fake, that’s their concern. If you are happy with your outfits, then that’s all that matters.  People may misunderstand or judge you, but the most important thing is for you to be okay with yourself.  You sound like a responsible and mature soul.  Your father is fortunate to have your help and support!  ~ Josh

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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