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    It sounds like your husband had expectations for his relationship with your daughter that have not been met.  I found it interesting that he would hold her accountable in some way for this lack of bonding.  I think your current situation has more to do with some complicated and uncomfortable feelings your husband is experiencing around what it means to be a family.

    When I married my first wife, she had a 4 year old, and it was fairly easy to bond with him because I primarily took care of his little person needs.  I can also share, though, that I often felt that I had the burden of adjusting and integrating into an established family unit. I was the odd person out, and just expected to fit in to the routine.  Your daughter is not the problem here.

    If you can reopen a discussion about what “bonding” and “family” means to both of you, then I think you will be able to untangle the salient emotions – for both of you – that surfaced during that hurtful conversation. My bet is that your husband is struggling to put his feelings into words and, as I have been known to do, shut down – out of frustration, anger, humiliation, etc. Find a way to coax him into a comfortable head space, acknowledge your recent mutual hurt, and ask for a reset.  “Tell me more about what it would look like if you and my daughter had a stronger bond.” “What are some ways that you can take the initiative in your relationship with my daughter? What’s holding you back? ”  And, so on… he has to process his own situation. And, ultimately, he has to initiate time with your daughter (maybe on one of their new outings for coffee or ice cream?) and learn from her what her expectations are for their relationship. There’s no magic wand.

    And in terms of your hurt (which is real), I think the reset conversation may deliver a genuine and heartfelt apology from your husband for the way he said some things. I sense that he’s one of the good guys!  Hope I wasn’t too preachy!


    ~ Josh


    Kudos to you in finding information, support, and continuing on your individual journey of self-discovery.  It takes courage to be your authentic self, and to seek out people and situations where you feel welcome and comfortable.  And remember, you have the capacity to be a great athlete and a smart person, at the same time!

    I personally feel most empowered in my life when I am true to myself!

    Happy to engage more… ~ Josh



    As long as you are “clear” about your intentions (which it sounds like you are), don’t worry too much what others are thinking or not thinking. Your intentions seem genuine, clear and honorable to me – you are helping your father sell a property. If someone is confused or curious about your intentions, let them approach you (like your friend did), and then you can respond to their comments or questions.

    As for people thinking that your outfits are fake, that’s their concern. If you are happy with your outfits, then that’s all that matters.  People may misunderstand or judge you, but the most important thing is for you to be okay with yourself.  You sound like a responsible and mature soul.  Your father is fortunate to have your help and support!  ~ Josh

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)