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    So I am in high school, I’m an 11th grader. I am in love with my dance team. My dance team has three split up sections: breakdance hiphop and contemporary. Each section has a group of leadership. I am the marketing/ PR person for my HipHop crew. So I have been adjusting, I’ll admit, I’ve made some bad calls marketing wise. Honestly Im feeling really conflicted right now and need some advice on how to handle this BS. So Im a very straight up mature person I feel like, I am straight to the point. So theres this Boy on Breakdance named Danny and he is president of BD and does the marketing/PR for them as well, in my opinion hes a huge jerk, he loses his cool way too often and when it happens all he sees is red. So like instagram is our main platform and theres just so much that i get shit for heres a list so its easier to read i guess:

    – My graphics suck,

    – The photos I posted were blurry and the lighting is bad etc.

    – I dont post enough of Hip Hop

    – Today I over heard some dancers talk about how we don’t follow them, I thought they’re right! Thats lame that their OWN TEAM doesn’t even follow them. I got so much shit for doing that.

    Like honestly every single thing i post theres always a problem, and I always hear about it over text. Im so tired of it and literally last week I got promoted to lead marketing for the whole team and right now I find myself asking why the f*ck am I the top person when I can’t even do anything right. Im beyond frustrated and like I hear that hes talking shit about my posts in the breakdance groupchat.  help?



    Dear Lilly:

    My advice, based on the little I understood from your post: don’t engage in a “power struggle” with Danny. Be calm and remain calm best you can. Talk  in a calm, confident manner, assert yourself with him and with everyone else, while calm.

    To succeed in your leadership  position, do not be one who “loses his cool way too often and.. all he sees is red”. Be the one who keeps her cool.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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