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    With great power, comes great responsibility they say.

    With my rediscovery of the self i have noticed how much more powerful I am than that which i though i was is. (hope that makes sense). More self-realizations are popping up to me than ever before and i can feel my body and mind getting stronger. I am still and from within the power of myself is shared. I share my truth but power-struggles emerge.

    This is what i have been experiencing around some of my friends recently, it is not strong but something which i thought might be important to talk about before i become stronger and healthier. I do my best in sharing and just being myself, i have been gathering knowledge about spiritual truth for most of my life but was never able to share it in a way which i am able now. I am  slowly healing from my dark demon-polishing days. All this power and energy is slowly sipping out and flowing over, it is not even close to my fullest potential yet but the amount which i know will be able to express itself soon is quite a giant. Some of my friends have been noticing this, especially because i like to talk in (absolutes) because it serves me well. I am not afraid of doing mistakes because i correct myself always when i see me being in the wrong. But, for some reason it seems as my friends are trying to give me the message that everything i talk about is something they know and it seems like they just drink it up and pretend that it is old knowledge and that they knew it from before. I feel that this has something to do with the power of my voice or authority in this area (the self, spirituality, energy, ego) and their ego does not like it. I see that all is consciousness and we all are one so nobody is more special than anyone else and everyone is part of the whole but in a 3D reality of manifestation there is authority and superiority and it has to be recognized since there is needs in people. I do recognize the superior people to me in this area and i don’t have a hard time accepting someone knowing more than me. I have watched some videos about hierarchy in the spiritual field but i would love some further perspective to why some people have a hard time seing someone in a superior position and asking for guidance/help. And what can i do to make myself be more approachable for help, since that is why i am sharing what i am sharing but i wont be sharing if everyone just consumes everything i share and disregard it as meaningful and helpful because it would mean they are relying on me or that i am helping them with knowledge which they have not been able to grasp themselves.

    Thank you in advance.

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