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    Moksha Foundation

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    Listed under UNESCO World Heritage tentative reference number 843: Ramagrama Stupa as “the sole undisturbed original stupa containing relics of Lord Buddha”.
    <p id=”isPasted”>The Ramagrama Stupa Project is a collaborative initiative involving the Moksha Foundation, the Lumbini Development Trust, and The Promised Land, with the shared goal of protecting, conserving, developing, and managing the Ramagrama Stupa</p>
    Phase Zero of the project for the development of Ramagrama Stupa encompasses several critical components. These components are designed to ensure a comprehensive and informed approach to the preservation and enhancement of this heritage site. The main elements of Phase Zero are as follows:

    Heritage Impact Assessment (HIA):

    The first key aspect of Phase Zero involves conducting a thorough Heritage Impact Assessment. This assessment will cover a radius of 500 meters from the Ramagrama Stupa, a vital step to understanding and mitigating the potential impacts of any development on the UNESCO heritage site. The estimated cost for this crucial assessment is S$1.5 million.

    Engaging the Chief Architect:

    The second significant component is engaging the services of a Chief Architect. This architect will play a pivotal role in developing the master plan and architectural design for the development of Ramagrama Stupa. This master plan will serve as the blueprint for the site’s future development. The cost associated with this architectural design work is S$300,000.

    Feasibility Study:

    Complementing the master plan, a Feasibility Study is a critical step to assess the practicality and viability of the proposed development. The feasibility study will provide insights into the project’s sustainability and any potential challenges that may arise. The cost of this study is estimated at S$400,000.

    Incidental and Other Expenses:

    Beyond the core components mentioned above, there are incidental and other expenses to consider, amounting to an additional S$300,000. These funds will be used to cover various essential aspects of the project, including administrative costs and unexpected contingencies.

    In total, Phase Zero requires a fundraising effort of $2,500,000. This financial support will enable the project to move forward and take the necessary steps to ensure the preservation and sustainable development of the Ramagrama Stupa.

    To support the project, please visit Donorbox.

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