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    I realized that people are surround me approach to get something from me.I always show my love and compassion to the people.One of my life philosophy that every deserve love and let everyone live happiness.However,i would show this to real one rather fake one.I found most of friends who with me are fake and yesterday i deactivate my facebook to leave from fake people.It is not i hate them,i love them too and its just i don’t want stay with fake people and myself fake to them.I just want stay with true and great people where i can radiate my love and loyalty.Beside,that i don’t know whether i am doing correct or not.


    Kudos to you, Vivek008 ~~ for taking a step forward and saying to yourself that I am tried of the ‘shallow’ relationships I happen to have on social media and then go as far as cancel your facebook account. But because of who you are, you still love the people anyway.
    Absolutely adore how you recognize people and their need to connect with others, it is what makes each of us special as humans. Being able to hide behind an invisible wall, make a limited connection appeals to many people or the social media webpages would dry up and blow away. When you are not comfortable being who you, putting on the cloak of ‘being fake’ becomes natural over a period of time. What really bemuses me is how the connection between family members and those you may hold dear takes second place, it is on the webpage that they communicate and I of course are left out of the loop. The sitdown face-to-face conversations between people is slowly going away unless the situation is totally out of control.
    Wanting peace, harmony and happiness for others is truly a beautiful state of mind, embrace this emotion as if it were a tender plant and allow it to grow. Now some people cannot let YOUR love and joy penetrate the walls that THEY have built around themselves and it may bounce off, so never ever become disheartened or brought down to their level of thinking. For many people they have lost their OWN ability to be happy and they may not have a reason to smile, they wander around in life with the light of their soul burnt out without any hope. Always have a smile on your face, a kind word on your lips, a listening ear and an open heart that cares. Your simple gifts of kindness that you carry with you naturally, you can now pass onto others in need.
    If you can find an opportunity to volunteer your time and energy towards, do it, you will only continue to grow and you will meet other people who share your true passion. A local church, the Red Cross, Salvation Army, a womens’ shelter, a retirement community or an orphanage are all good avenues to look for ways that YOU can make a difference.

    Have a most splendid day, walk in peace

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