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    Jean sweetie, you deserve better and you know it. That’s the good part. The pain is the bad part. I suggest No Contact. I should have broken up with my ex-boyfriend May of last year. But I didn’t want to be alone, had invested so much time and money and loved him. By this past January his behavior was worse. He was critical of me, my children and wanted everything his way. So I grew a set and broke it off. A week later I got back with him and he promised to be less negative and selfish. It got worse, he started being outright mean. I broke it off. I did what I could do to improve the relationship and he didn’t want to do his part, but still wanted money and sex from me. I was crushed, but did No Contact and i’m now free from his insanity. After two months I see how much he used me. I do wish it had worked out, but it was never going to. Be strong sister. Trust that it will get better. Feel the pain then let it go. Hugs

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)

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