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    Hello everyone,

    After relationships end many of us think we aren’t worthy of love or we won’t find someone..or something a long those lines (not that I am thinking of this). It seems as if i’ve completely shut down at the thought of a relationship (even for the future). Of course, this may change if I meet someone I am actually interested in.

    So, my question is….Are romantic relationships worth it? It seems as if most of them end sooner or later because people give up, grow apart, cheat, etc etc and they cause a great deal of pain…Should we avoid romantic relationships and focus on friendships? Obviously, anything uncertain is likely to bring pain…

    Darshana Chavan

    Hi Friends,

    Of cource romantic relationships are painful but it does not mean one should stop loving things and think of how worthy we are. We are been loved from our childhood by our parents and family, if one person leave us behind to suffer for all pain. You still have a choice of choosing your future over it as its more bright and meaningful. so never give up in believing in love its always beautiful in all forms.


    I too have the same question buzzing in my brain. Do we really have to trust someone with out heart and let them break it or something? I say friendships are far better than romantic relationships. They last longer. But we can’t blame love for all these. Love is beyond everything in this Universe and it’s the strongest emotion or feeling which is understood by every sort of person across the world yet it’s we who are wiping off the real meaning of it and covering it with our false believes. I think any romantic relationship lasts if it has a touch of spirituality or something like that. But I guess friends are better.


    Hello Annie – the way I look at it, it’s not a question of worth, but the purpose of relationships. There is a reason why you draw certain relationships into your life – because there are lessons to learn – they could be lessons of trust, forgiveness, self-esteem, balance, respect, self-respect, etc. There are so many lessons that revolve around relationships that you simply cannot learn any other way. And by relationship, I mean any person-to-person relationship – spouses, siblings, friends, partners, colleagues.

    As long as you haven’t learned your lessons, you’ll continue to attract the necessary relationships. Can’t run away from them, I’m afraid 🙂

    I hope once you’re able to get out of the ughs and the funk, you’re able to open yourself up to what / who comes to you, and maybe look at your relationships a little differently. Good Luck!

    Namaste, Saiisha


    Hello Darshana27,

    I like what you’ve said here. I should remain hopeful that the future is uncertain, but can still bring goodness.

    Chaitra, maybe people like us should take things more slowly, but that doesn’t guarantee you won’t get hurt.

    Saiisha, I believe we think about things in the same way. I agree, relationships are there to teach us lessons. They can definitely make our lives better long term. I actually feel so good, even about relationships i’ve ended, knowing that i’ve learned something from them. I’m going to think about this in my down time.

    Annie 🙂

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