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    My first job only lasted for about…4…5 days since the working conditions were so awful and it was my first job. It was a dishwasher for Crowne Plaza, and I would come home every night with blisters on my feet, a sore back, my friends were already sleep, and a broken psyche.

    On the last day there, I was sick of the smell of wet scraps of food, scalding water, and my constant slipping on the wet floor and, ironically, the anti-slip mat.

    I broke down crying and left early after telling them I was done. I made sure that someone else was there to take my place, however.

    I only have enough money to pay half my rent the next time it comes around and just got a job offer at a warehouse I applied to, of course, I’m reluctant to take it in fear of my body just…breaking down on me.

    On the bright side, the shifts are earlier than Crown Plaza, so at least I’d get to talk to my friends – but the job also entails lifting heavy objects. I have sticks for arms, but I’m very persistent and stubborn, but employers don’t look beyond physical fitness for..physical…tasks.

    So I’m left wondering if I should even bother going to apply if I might hate the job, or just get denied for not looking strong enough.



    Dear Maria:

    Why don’t you check with the warehouse employer if your job description can accommodate the lifting of weight to your physical body, that is that you will not be required to lift what is too heavy for you to lift (and then there is the right way and the wrong way to lift things, so to not hurt your back, putting the pressure on your hips, not your back).


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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