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    I wonder if you guys have any tips on what to do to decrease the sweet tooth – especially if your sweet tooth is a really big one, like mine!

    I binge sweets. Literally anything goes. Candy and cookies, of course, but also honey, syrup and chocolate spread directly from the jar, whole packages of fruit juice, cereals from the box, butter on a spoon dipped with sugar. I feel hopeless!

    I just advanced in my exercize routine (strength and a little cardio) and the binging have gone worse than ever.

    I’ve tried replacing juice with whole fruits. That makes me eating the fruit AND drinking the juice. I’ve tried replacing snacking on the honey jar with making scrambled eggs, with the same result. There’s no end to this…

    It feels like this must be really stressful for the body, handling all this high-sugar food all the time. It’s just that I crave it so much. It feels like I’m gonna fall down dead by exhaustion if I don’t constantly hijack my system on sugar.

    Anyone that´s been having the same problem and found solutions that last in the long run?


    Hey Shannon,

    I’m a fitness instructor & nutritionist. I can totally empathise because I was the same years ago before I got into this industry. It was a cycle of sugar & caffeine for me & I just couldn’t get off the bad habits train.

    A great idea might be to go see your doctor and speak to them about your situation. Depending on how bad it’s taken over there could be a medical reason your body craves so much sugar. If not maybe they can help advise what it’s doing to your system.

    It really helped me to know what was going on, on the inside and gain a bit of info.

    Hope this helps.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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