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    Fe Martin

    After a long time, does a push and pull factor still important to keep the relationship alive? what to do when there’s arguments?


    The four “C”s. Concentration, Communication, Compromise, and Cuddling. 🙂


    What Matt said! But for me it’s honesty, basically. Even if it hurts sometimes. Saying the truth is better than keeping secrets, even if you think you’re doing it to protect your partner. And lots of cuddling. Like LOTS. You need alone time with your significant other! You need time spent apart from friends or family or whatever. And you can dedicate that time to cuddle 😀


    Definitely trust and honesty. I feel like a lot of couples don’t talk about important issues enough, or aren’t 100% honest with their views on certain things. I think right of the bat it is important to talk about the big issues, such as children, parenting ideals, religious/spiritual views, politics, etc. Not every successful couple needs to have the same views, but they need to be accepting of each others individualism. I, personally, think it helps to f(for the most part) see eye to on the major issues. For example, do you and your significant other disagree on how a child should be raised? Do you both want to continue to grow professionally? Is one of you the main bread winner? Are finances separate? Just some thoughts. These are issues that I feel most couples kind of brush under the rug in the beginning of a relationship, and then are afraid to talk about them later because of the fear that they will disagree or it will somehow ruin the “honeymoon” phase. 🙂

    Oh yeah, and cuddling. Lots of that.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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