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    Feel free to post anything you struggle with here and the area in your life where you want to become better in. I want to make this post all about interaction and motivating and inspiring each other to grow.


    I struggle with being passive aggressive in an attempt to manipulate people’s responses to me. I want to really focus on being straightforward with my feelings and see how that affects my relationships. 🙂


    i struggle with depression, anxiety, and to keep on the path of recovery from self harm. My medicine seems that its starting to kick in and work and i’ve felt great lately…but i’m so scared of this just being short lived and for the sadness to take control again.


    Hey everyone 🙂 Thank you all for sharing your struggles so far!
    I struggle with self control and discipline as well as depression. I have an addictive personality this fight with self control seems unbearable. It has led me to some pretty bad coping mechanisms that are hard to shake. Most of my life is fine but internally I don’t like myself.


    I, for some reason, wouldn’t like to say I struggle at the moment. I like In a nice middle-class with my boyfriend and his family. They are vey generous and help me as much as they can with any life decision, financially and sometimes even emotionally.

    My struggle started when I was 3-4yrs, I was sexually abused. I dealt with it by bottling it up for around 12-13 years, until my sister told the family it had happened to her. She did not know it had happened to me and my other sister. Non of us knew what had happened to the other siblings. Thus, as you can imagine, the poo hit the fan and our family fundamentally fell apart. I had counselling, battled a eating disorder and depression for about 2 years. The counselling was brilliant and I came on heaps and bounds… after all life is amazing, you can’t be too sad for too long!

    However, now and again I get really low, my fitness regime goes out of the window and I put on weight. My struggle is to fight this. I also have an odd attitude to sex. I am particular about when I want to do It and when I’m don’t want to. This tends to co-inside with my mood highs and lows mentioned before. My boyfriend shuns me when I do not want to have sex, he makes me feel bad about not wanting to, or not wanting to put on a show for him. I can kind of understand, as who wants a gf to be like that? it’s not ideal. Thus, I wish I was more free from this. I wish I liked it as much as other do.

    To add to the basket I am also at a crossroads in my life. I’m not sure what I want to do now as the things I wanted to do, I did not qualify for. This makes me feel stressed, no good enough and a failure.

    I’m not sure how to make myself feel better, and I feel silly and selfish as I’m not happy, yet I have a lovely lifestyle.


    Hi Jobebee,

    Thanks so much for sharing such vulnerable and emotional parts of yourself in this forum! First I would like to give you encouragement to keep pushing forward and don’t give up on whatever you want to do with your life. I’m similar to you in the sense that I have a great life but my struggles on internal which shape my outer being and how I see myself. On another note, I understand how difficult it is for you to deal with your past as far as sexual abuse and how it can affect your sex life and intimate moments with your partner. Your partner must realize that you need to heal and feel comfortable with your body and FREELY giving yourself to someone else because YOU want to. A certain sense of trust and control must be restored. I encourage you to keep working through this piece of your life and only associate yourself with people who understand and truly get what it is life to be sexually abused and how bad the after effect is. It takes years to get over. Some people even battle with self esteem and guilt issues. No one can speak or determine your experiences and your life. No one can downplay what you have been through and how difficult and life changing that was. I also encourage you to really feel how you are feeling and think about what is missing from your life and how you can take steps in making it right. Think about how you feel when you have sex and why you feel the way you do? Think back to your experience and see if it is connected and how. Sometimes we have to go back to these moments and realize the emotional nutrition in them but be careful! Don’t go too far back as you do not want to relive these moments! Once again, I thank you so much for having the courage and strength to share such things in this forum. Keep pressing! 🙂

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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