Should my fwb be going through my phone?

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    My fwb and I was together last week for a day just traveling in the area not too far. We had to make few stops here and there.

    Couple times I had to run into a convenient gas station store to use the restroom. One of the times I just left my phone in the car charging and my purse on the floor in the front. Coming out I’d noticed him leaning over like he was putting something down or something. I thought to my self nah. I was trying think of what else was on that side. So week after that little get together riding around he posted something on Facebook. He posted fellas , if your conversations are getting shorter with you , it’s getting longer with someone else. After that he said he don’t maybe it’s he mentioned a guy’s name Trevor .. let’s just say that is the same name of the person I was chatting with that day on my phone while we were together. Who also is a friend of mine .


    what do you guys think hmmm



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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