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    Hi everyone,


    So i’m worried that i got a radiation and bad effects from x ray…

    Whole my life i got 4 times x rays…

    3 times on full body x ray, and 1 time for dental x ray…


    And recently i got a full body x ray after only 3 months of  body x ray…

    Isnt it dangerous?

    I’m so worried now that i have messed up my body with the bad effects of radiation.

    Like what have i done to myself…



    Dear Dave:

    1) About Radiation and X-Rays (I will be adding the boldface feature to the following quotes):

    Sources of radiation are all around us all the time. Some are natural and some are man-made… Background Radiation is present on Earth at all times. The majority of background radiation occurs naturally… Naturally occurring radioactive minerals in the ground, soil, and water produce background radiation. The human body even contains some of these naturally-occurring radioactive minerals. Cosmic radiation from space also contributes to the background radiation around us… All of us are exposed to radiation every day, from natural sources such as minerals in the ground, and man-made sources such as medical x-rays” (EPA. gov/radiation sources).

    “Any overexposure to radiation can lead to devastating effects. However, the amount of radiation in a typical x-ray is too low to cause issues… Imaging professionals that work in medical facilities and practices follow safety guidelines to ensure that patient’s never get exposed to more radiation than necessary. The staff provides special protective gear to limit the radiation that enters patients from an x-ray machine…

    “Doses of radiation are measured in units called millirems (mrem) in the U.S. and millisieverts (mSv) internationally. People experience around three mSv of radiation each year naturally. In comparison, the level of radiation generated from a chest x-ray is only 0.1 mSv, similar to 10 days of normal walking around…  (glmi. com).

    2) About Radiophobia (which includes X-ray phobia):

    “Radiophobia refers only to a display of anxiety disproportionate to the actual quantity of radiation one is exposed to. In many cases, radiation exposure values are equal to or not much higher than  what individuals are naturally exposed to every day from background radiation.  For instance, some health patients refuse X-rays because they believe the radiation will harm them. Notable examples include Steve Jobs and Bob Marley, both of whom died after refusting radiation treatment for their cancer. While a healthy respect for the hazards of radiation is desirable, it’s crucial to strike a balance between caution and undue fear… Remember, understanding the actual risks associated with radiation exposure is essential to managing any fear or anxiety related to it” (dove med. com)

    Radiophobia Treatments… There are numerous different yoga poses that can substantially benefit someone who is suffering from radiophobia… Yoga can be thought of as meditation in motion. It can help to relieve some of the anxiety associated with radiophobia due to the mere fact that by engaging in yoga, your attention will be redirectedCognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for Radiophobia…Reducing Caffeine for Radiophobia Exercise for Radiophobia: … such as swimming, biking, skiing, walking, and jogging…  Mindfulness has the potential to significantly help those suffering from radiophobia due to how it will help one to distract themselves from their fear by refocusing their attention onto something else… redirecting one’s attention to the various sensations felt when breathing can actually help to reduce the amount of mental anguish experienced during such an influx of anxiety… Besides focusing on your breathing, you can also focus on the sounds around you, the way your skin feels as you touch certain objects, the way foods taste, as well as the way certain aromas smell. Essentially, honing into your 5 senses can significantly help you to reduce some of the anxiety that is associated with radiophobia. Also, remember that it will take a lot of practice to become an adept meditator. So, practice is key…” (psych times. com).

    What do you think and feel, Dave, about these quotes?





    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Hi anita,</p>

    Yep i know that x-rays has radiation but low…

    The problem is, i got an x-ray after only 3 months.

    I just wanna make sure if im safe.

    Is there any proof to convince that im safe? 🙏




    Also whole my life i got 4 x-rays, does that exceed the limit of someone’s limit for an x-ray?

    And i not only have a chest x-ray,

    i have an x-ray on my whole body, because i wanna determine my spine…

    therefore i got an x ray from my head till my hips…

    On the full body x ray, i got it 3 times (first the head, then the upper body, and the lower body)…

    I just really wanna determine im safe.


    I’m so afraid of the future bad effects of these 3 months gap x-rays,

    and a total of 4 x-rays in my life.

    And the problem is i have already done the x-ray after 3 months, so i cant think of caution anymore, but instead i gotta make sure im safe.

    That’s why i keep trying to find proof, because i wanna convince myself.


    Before the x-rays after 3 months, i took an x-ray because i have postural issues on my backbone, that’s why i wanna have an x ray on my back bone.

    but the first one i visited doesnt have a full body x ray, and i eventually have an x ray there.

    then after 3 months i decided to find a place where there is full body x ray, and i eventually have an x ray again.

    But then i remembered that x rays should be had with a long gap of time, like maybe a year,

    but i got it after only 3 months, so it could be dangerous.

    I hope u get what im explaining here 🙏


    And i dont wear protective gear in both of that recent x rays,

    i was only given a medical gown to wear it on the x ray.




    is this radio-phobia im experiencing?

    because i’m just trying to convince myself that im safe.
    but it’s hard because i need concrete proof.


    Dear Dave:

    You are definitely very anxious about having had the X-rays you had. I recommend that (1) you take your questions regarding the safety of the X-rays you had done to a medical professional who has expertise in the matter of X-rays, and (2) that you take the anxiety portion that you suffer from to a mental health professional.

    I hope that you will feel better very soon!



    Hi anita,

    Thank you for wishing me well 🙏


    Tbh i have asked a doctor about this issue, and that doctor told me that regarding my situation, i’m safe…

    But idk why im still not convinced.

    I read on google, and it said that x-ray radiation are dangerous.


    I just really dont know how to convince myself.

    I keep trying to find proof to convince myself.




    May i know ur opinion based on the evidence u found, regarding my situation on the x-ray? Is it safe in ur opinion?
    (This question is optional 🙏 you dont have to answer this if u dont want to)




    Once again, thank u for ur reply.



    Dear Dave:

    You are welcome.

    “Tbh i have asked a doctor about this issue, and that doctor told me that regarding my situation, i’m safe….May i know ur opinion based on the evidence u found, regarding my situation on the x-ray? Is it safe in ur opinion?”-

    – a medical doctor told you that you are safe regarding the X-Ray situation, and yet, you are asking me (a person who is not a medical doctor and who never met you for a medical examination, a person who is not an X-Ray technician or any other type of medical professional) if the doctor who told you that you are safe is correct or not…

    I recommend again that you see a mental health professional regarding your anxiety, and again, I wish you well.



    Hi anita,


    Thank you.


    I also think that i have some kind of perfectionist personality, do u think it might be related to my anxiety?


    Like i did my x-rays because i have asymmetrical backbone due to my bad sitting posture.

    resulting me to have functional scoliosis (this is scoliosis due to bad posture and not comes naturally)

    the doctor (chiropractor) i went told me to get x-ray. And after i did he told me that i have mild scoliosis, but its functional… so it’s a bad posture issue…


    the problem is my bad posture also causes me to have clicking shoulders, scapular winging and twisted pelvis…


    i’m so frustrated because ever since im a kid, i always try to do things perfectly…

    i never knew my sitting posture will cause me to have functional scoliosis and those issues i mentioned above.

    this blaming of myself caused me to have a hard time pushing forward in doing things…

    one of it is due to fixing a posture is not easy…

    i dont know if i’ll be able to fix my clicking shoulders, winging scapula or twisted pelvis…


    Also as a human, i have a tendency to be lazy too..




    Dear Dave:

    I know about your scapular winging and a whole lot more because we talked about it when we communicated for years in your previous accounts. So yes, I know a lot about you. More than anything, I know about your anxiety. But I can’t stop your anxiety: I don’t have that power. All that I can tell you in my efforts to help you, I already did.. over and over again.  This is why I keep recommending that you see a mental health specialist.

    Again, I wish you well. There is nothing else that I can do but wish you well and,, recommend, once again, that you see a mental health professional so to treat your long-term anxiety.


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