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    I’m just curious what everyone’s song picks are for their songs that truly define you, for the March challenge where you listen to a song to set your intentions for the day. I am a music lover and have all kinds of music, but funny I never thought about using music to set my intentions. I mean I always try to listen to something fun on the way to work to put me in an upbeat mood, but even though my love of music, I found it difficult to pick a song for this one, mostly cause I like upbeat funky stuff. So Just wanting to know people’s song picks :0 }


    On another forum, I usually post a link for the song for today. This is usually something uplifiting and happy.. I find just searching for a song which is uplifting and listening to it sort of sets the day off the right way… and the others on this forum have said over and over that they appreciate me doing this. I have been posting a ‘song for the day’ for over 10 months now, and haven’t repeated myself once. So many songs! It’s hard to pick just one that is truly me and there are so many different me’s!!

    I also write my own songs! I even like some of them 🙂 LOL.


    Awesome thank you for your response. Where can I find your daily posts? And do you have a you tube channel or some where where you post some of your own material?

    I love discovering new music/aspiring artists and listening to acoustic  type music.






    Hiya Lonedove!

    I am a bit late, but I wanted to share my themesong – Pines of Rome : the pines of the appian way. Performed by the BERLINER PHILHARMONIKER, Herber von Karajan conducting.

    It is a classical piece, so victorious and huge and splendid and how I see life.

    And myself.

    It starts as a whisper…you are not really sure you even heard anything…

    Then yes, it’s there. You can’t really tell whats going on but you are curious.

    It’s big whatever it is. Greater than it is letting on. Quite like life.

    Sometimes there is a sense of struggle. Yet the more that is revealed, the greater it becomes. There is a definate sense of overcoming. Being, and becoming.

    Then, finally, YES! You did it! Looks like you did it, and in fact you did it! Your freedom, your truth…all there!


    Give it a listen if you can. I guarantee it will inspire you.




    Iris – Goo goo dolls

    Cranberries – Animal Instinct 🙂

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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