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    Hi everyone,

    In an attempt to treat my anxiety issues and calm myself I started meditation recently. All I do is sit for 10 mins in silence and focus on my breath. My intention is to calm myself down and just relax. I am not interested in out of body experiences, kundalini or any other things to do with spirits or any other beings. I am scared of them too. I also listen to Solfeggio frequency 396hz for 5 mins sometimes as it is supposed to help with anxiety, fear and guilt.

    The purpose of mediation is purely for my anxiety and nothing else. Today morning when I was mediating, I felt a spinning sensation. As if I am the centre of the axis and I am wildly spinning around myself clockwise. It was not unpleasant but so powerful that I opened my eyes.

    now I am worried. I checked online and there are various explanations about astral projection, kundalini, demons and what nots. I am so scared. I want to lead a normal happy life and that's why I wanted to help myself with anxiety. I do not want to get stuck in spiritual beings etc. Can anyone please help with their experience in mediation as to what this might be and whether I should stop?

    I have never tried such things before and I do not want to lose control over my life by getting stuck in between worlds as I have read horror stories about these. And frankly I am not keen on investigating about spiritual beings and out of body experiences so I really don't want to go down that road. Is there a way where we can  control up to what level we can do mediation without going up this level?

    Highly disturbed






    Hey littlered!

    Ive felt that before, especially when I first started meditating. I believe it's nothing to be scared about at all, and most likely just a little bit of vertigo from the combination of controlled breathing and the stillness that you might not have been used to before. Being in touch with how your body feels during meditation would surely exaggerate that feeling.

    hope that calms any nerves for you 🙂




    Hi Blake

    Thank you sooooo much for your reply! This is the first thing I am reading since morning that doesn't involve kundalini, demons, etc and you actually calmed me down!

    I was really scared as I am doing this on my own and the classes/groups around me don't seem like the thing for me as they try to push their cult like thinking to get more clients, if I may use the word.

    Surprisingly the sensation of spinning didn't feel bad. I felt more rested during the day because I did meditation the first thing in the morning and then went for a run. So overall I felt really fresh. I felt as if I woke up from a deep restful sleep.

    How is your experience during meditation if I may ask? Do the sensations change? Do we actually ‘see' things or is it just the stillness? I am positive about the benefits of meditation and would really like to continue without the scary bits attached! I read horrors of entity attachments, demons and the feeling of losing control online! Will 10 mins of daily meditation invite these in?

    i am sorry if I am sounding silly but I have so many questions and I am just beginning. Also do you know anything about the Solfeggio frequencies?

    Thanks once again. You gave me relief from the anxiety of meditation (haha what a paradox) 🙂 🙂




    Haha no worries 🙂 not silly at all!

    Totally understandable for you to be nervous when you're meditation group panders to that a bit.

    When I started meditating it was actually suggested by my GP to compliment medication, at the time I was struggling with anxiety and panic attacks. Perhaps it was my introduction to it from a medical and neurological angle that gave me a different view, who knows! It could help you to research the more science aspects of meditation, I know I was amazed at how it physically changes your brain.

    As far as sensations, I've only ever felt the rested and decompressed feeling afterwards, like you've had a nice nap. Honestly, I don't believe in kundalini/demons/ so I'd say keep meditating, but that's my own beliefs.

    im not familiar with Solfeggio frequencies, I'll have a google now!



    Why thank you so much! The fact that it was suggested by your GP actually helps! I will continue then with my meditation and hopefully it will be fine 🙂

    Guess one must NOT google ‘spinning during meditation' the moment it happens!!

    Thank you once again.



    I urge you to leave off doing meditation. Breathing exercises are fine, but prolonged meditation can produce results which may alarm you. When you meditate, you are tapping into an energy, a ‘life-force' that comes in through your head.

    Don't approach this lightly, and don't listen to people like Shae who think that Kundalini doesn't exist. I can tell you from personal experience that it most certainly DOES exist, and it has the potential to turn your life upside down and leave you with severe anxiety, depersonalization, derealization and mental problems.

    I won't touch meditation with a six-foot barge pole. It can cause more problems than it solves. I once had the experience you described whilst meditating, although I was oscillating back and forth rather than ‘spinning'.

    Best wishes,




    Hi Tannhauser,

    Thanks for replying. Appreciate your personal experience point of view. Do you think around 10-15 minutes would cause problems? I understand prolonged meditation as you suggest might be too much but do you feel that just a few minutes to calm myself would cause damage?

    I have read that there are really good experiences and other health benefits of meditation too. What other sensations or visions have you experienced?

    Thanks once again!




    My experiences have been unsettling to say the least. Today as I type this I am getting energies flowing continuously into my body which makes my joints ache and which has swollen my belly and feet. I am not a very happy person at the moment and have taken to walking round the house in bare feet, something I never do. I am also getting a very dull ache in the centre of my forehead. This is the Kundalini I warned you about yesterday. It is real. Forget the Christian bollocks, the Hindus have got it right. There is nothing in Christian doctrine nor in the Bible which mentions Kundalini, but it is a fact. As I said yesterday, Kundalini is a life-force energy or force of nature.

    In my case the Kundalini started on its own accord after a very traumatic period in my life that lasted nearly ten years and really screwed up my outlook on life. It wasn't caused by meditation, although I believe it can be brought on by it, which is why I am warning you.

    I don't believe that 10-15 minute meditation sessions would cause any problems. I was talking about the intense, prolonged sessions which Buddhist monks and the like undertake.

    Best wishes,




    Thank you so much for the insights and I am sorry to hear that you are in so much pain.

    I will keep this in mind and not venture too far. I only want to calm my anxious fears.

    Thanks once again.

    Take care



    Namaste Littlered ,

    The spinning is actually real. It is not a feeling. It is Kundalini that spins. The spinning is the reality of Kundalini. Kundalini is the nucleus within you. Also the whole universe has a Kundalini or nucleus. The nature of nucleus as per the science and spirituality also that it vibrates. The vibrations produce energy.  The vibrations Hindus or any one calls it OM (combination of light and sound that produce electro magnetic field that actually sustain electrons , protons etc who rotate in their own orbit). The electro magnetic field is created by nucleus. Religions call the NUCLEUS GOD. THE ENERGY FIELD OF THE NUCLEUS around it is NATURE / PRAKRITI. So it is the play of Magnet and Magnetism kind of environment. Electrons, protons etc that rotate in their orbit around the NUCLEUS would also have their on Nucleus within, which also resonates as per the ACTUAL NUCLEUS. In all people, this resonance is not known but in some, the resonance starts and later gets expressed in the form of spinning in meditation. You are able to resonate within like this due to the matching certain vibrations in line with Magnetism and Nucleus. Due to certain spiritual practices in previous lives that actually put you into universal thinking, thinking about others, helping others, positive thinking, being honest and living honestly and so on.

    Actually, certain bad situations put you in a mode of mind that make you ponder deep within to find solutions for them. Issues related to health, career, relations and many. Those situations are actully the design of Nature so you cut your karma and at the same time, that makes you search for the solution and then you will naturally land up with Yoga, Meditation, Meditation related books and so on. You would also experience lot of discussions within towards positive and negative side of things and those discussions would actually tire you so badly as the mind gets keeps thinking restlessly. Then as part of the process, you will naturally land up with some meditation technique and within few hours or days or even at the first attempt itself you will experience spinning or vertigo or rotation in meditation. You basically touch the same point that you evolved to in your previous life and that point further is touched back to continue it forward. Connecting you this way to that point is the work of Nature. In fact Nature would be waiting for you to ripe to this level ever since you were born. Lot of time is gone in childhood and so on and when the TIME comes, Nature connects you to the situation that actually reveals you. You will start waking up in life.

    If you chant the mantras of five elements, your chakras within you will start getting balanced and when the balancing starts happening your many things in life such as health, career, finances etc will fall in place as per your soul and its purpose of life. You will also start getting in harmony with Nature and thus you will be slowly connected to the purpose of life naturally. It is the nature the field of all cosmos that does all these. It is the management of the Nature and its work that actually connects all people to situations and it is the nature's purpose to connect all people to their purpose of life so that their karma will start getting burnt! For more details of mantras and path, you can check the following links.

    There are many of such people who experience spinning in meditation across the globe are here – You can check this TouTube Channel –  . You can also check the websites and

    All the best wishes


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