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    I’d like to hear stories from everyone who has encountered with their spirit guides/ angels or experienced reoccurring dreams and numbers.

    I’ve recently come across a video on youtube to “connect” with your spirit guides and it appears that many people have been able to but have been scared to try it myself!


    hi Tiny~ though it is possible to do so, it is simply another relationship no different than any other… that being said, the way I can say to initiate contact is through *surprise* open, sincere beseeching by virtue of one’s utterly authentic, selflessly vulnerable expression in whatever context comes naturally to you in the wonder of authentic contact.

    I never intended to do so, but in response to my prayer, I received an immediate response. The sparkly little thing bounded and bounced, careening down two hallways as I thought to myself, “ghosts” —before it turned a couple laps around the dark perimeter of my bedroom with a fascinating glinting luminescence reflecting along the walls and corners of the room. As it circled from left to right around the room before entering my body (right kidney area) with a distinct sizzling sensation, my only thought was “it’s already the same as me anyway.”

    For myself, I wouldn’t dare initiate such contact deliberately (in terms of anticipatory consciousness), as I can never trust what degree of personal motivation might energize the necessarily karmic event, much less foretell what inconceivable being might be summoned. But, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. In my case, what was gained or lost amounted to nothing whatsoever, except a bit of real experience in terms what it took to arrive at such a summoning, deducing the universality of the nature of being and relativity, intent, and reciprocity, and the fact that, in the quest of knowledge, in terms of  absolute nature, there is no thing— and just that much is already who you are, and nothing can be done about it nor can one do anything with it other than to turn its potential into karmic evolution~ which is what the realm of creation already is. Entry into the inconceivable is going in reverse. The Light is one; Mind is one. Following it is birth and death; turning the light around, the world reverts to reality on the spot.

    As for justifying such initiatory contact, only open sincerity in pure vulnerability for no reason other than to express a fluidity of intent for the hell of it would suffice in my summation.

    Ultimately, as clarified above, it’s just another relationship… as far as that goes. At any rate, one’s true authentic teacher is already the essential quality of awake, being the nature of one’s own mind right now. It seems spirit guides et al, aren’t further or closer to the source of the currently relevant transmissions and the various prior illuminates’ methods and directives adopted and perpetuated in such universally authentic teachings the world over, eon after eon. Mind is one, and it’s already you. It can’t be taught.

    The “zoomie” who loved me never said a word, and eventually, I sent it on its way~ heehee!!



    You mention being scared to try….for me, Angel Numbers just happen …. For example, you see 444 as the time 4:44 then same day or next you see it again on a receipt then again somewhere else…then you realize it’s more than a coincidence….

    In my experience, loved ones who have passed will communicate in this way….I also find feathers everywhere, especially just after someone close to me has passed.

    When I experience these things, I sit silently and try to let the “message” come to me without effort.

    As far as invoking spirits, unless you are super aware and very clear discernment, it’s very dangerous to try to reach spirit outside of your religious beliefs. Etc. Hope this makes sense I’m not one with words


    frank willliams

    Try to get some knowledge about angel number.

    frank willliams

    angel numbers are different and have different effects on the person.


    444 number might also appear on clock as 10:44 in the morning or evening. 1044 meaning is about practicing spirituality everyday. so it is a good reminder to have some meditation or raising the vibrations any other way you can.


    Angel number 333 is a sign from your guardian angels that you are on the right track or that you are about to make a positive change in your life. The 333 angel number indicates that God and angels are sending you or someone you care about a message of wisdom, power, bravery, and protection.

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