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    Few years ago I was really into spirituality and practiced meditation with crystals, music and other good stuff. Two times during this period I vividly saw a humanoid figure with feline head appear while I had my eyes closed and was in a deep slumbering state. I call it a period because this experience kinda frightened me so I decided to shut myself off of it. I also recall a dream as little child that introduced to me a similar if not the same creature near my bed in my countryside. I have always loved cats and felt close to egyptian mythology from early childhood so there could be some kind of a link between all of this, maybe going back to past lives. Now I’m again on this journey of spirituality after realizing how important it is to be on the right path and being in the need of healing. Recently I stumbled upon a video that described a certain race of extraterrestrials called lyrans and I was flabbergasted by the similitude between the depictions in the clip and my vision. Then it hit me that the encounter I had was very likely intended to be a positive guidance by a light entity. This is both a suggestion to all of you not to approach anything in this life with worry and fear and almost as a prayer to this lyran (?) to remanifest in my life. Peace and love.


    Research the Egyptian goddess Bastet for more information.

    Best wishes,



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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