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    Kate B. Forsyth

    You have my sympathy Libby, I feel your story and adore you for being such a strong woman.
    These are my advice for you:
    1. Try to forgive your family if you can but if you can’t for now then there will be a perfect timing for that. It’s better also to stay away from people who do you think might worsen your situation. Stay with those who understand you and no matter what, they will stay till the last.
    2. Find sports, hobbies or something that interest you. Example fishing, or doing adventures, or playing badminton with your friends it can relieve your stress, it can help you surpassed depression.
    3. Control yourself – it’s easy to tell you to control yourself but I know it’s very difficult to do but I want you to do it. No one will save you from that but you alone. This anxiety and panic attacks are created by our past experienced you have to make yourself believe that it won’t happen again. If you believe in Jesus then that would be nice, try to talk to him when you have time ask him guidance and peace of mind. You can feel it slowly that you are feeling good, in the name of Jesus Christ, there is no impossible as long as you accept him and have faith in him. Try it, there’s no harm in trying.
    4. Make friends with people who can understand your situation – how? this conversation is a good start, you can find others that struggle before or with the same situation you have right now and they have successfully overcome it. There are communities out there that can help you and accept you like this website https://www.gofundme.com/ or you can find any communities that help people who have anxiety and depression. You can easily go back to your normal health condition when you make friends with them because they can relate to you, they felt it before or you can find people with worst condition than with yours so it could boost your self-esteem to forgive and move on and go back to your normal life.

    Don’t forget your proper diet and regular exercise, find a way to be happy again these things can help you to move on.


    Hi Libby,

    I have an underactive thyroid also (diagnosed when I was 19) and the myriad of problems it occurs is astounding. In the UK (where I am) I get free medication for life because of the problems you can experience from it. I have been on antidepressant medication for 7 years (ever since my thyroid was diagnosed as underactive), anxiety medication occasionally, I have mood swings which are very frequent and intense, I struggle with weight gain, I get extremely tired very easily and all of this contributes to a feeling of unhappiness. I discovered that I am not alone in this when I joined a facebook forum for people with underactive thyroids. People I have spoken to on there have been on antidepressent medication for 20 years!

    I’m on an appropriate amount of Levothyroxine, but honestly the symptoms never truly go away. I guess the point of what I’m trying to say is that some of what you may be feeling may be down to biological factors, and that you’re not alone. Be gentle with yourself. You are doing well. And know that every day you wake up is a success.

    I see the advice given from others above is great, I just thought it might be helpful to share my thyroid knowledge! 🙂 I hope it helps.

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)

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