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    I’ve healed my eating disorder and sugar addiction using law of attraction (specifically as taught by abraham hicks).
    Now I’m helping others do the same.

    Starting with a reboot & detox on July 7th.
    This is a holistic detox.
    All info can be found on my site


    Email me with questions. I would love to help!!

    Carla M. Holden
    Transformational Coach & Wellness Consultant
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    Hello, and thank you so much for your wisdom on this matter, it is very helpful. I wanted to comment on self-image because it something actually struggled with for a long time maybe even most of my life span ;when I chose to embark on my transformation I didn’t realize the most important thing…. To love myself through the process and to be patient with myself. Low self-esteem is a very real and serious matter. My personal reason for having experience with this was childhood trauma. It took me a long time to realize that beauty on the outside comes directly from developing a beautiful inside. This is solely my opinion, but I was overweight and felt horrible about myself and would constantly daydream of being someone else.
    Someone very wise came up to me and said look in this mirror and tell yourself that you’re beautiful (which seem like a very silly thing to do but there is true power in that action), I didn’t understand it at the time how looking ridiculous ,in front of someone else to boot ,would improve my self-image. I guess that goes along with thoughts become our actions and whatever we put out there is has more effect on what we feel inside at least I think anyway. I’m not anyone special just someone with some knowledge about self-loathing. I began to exercise little by little mainly for depression, thinking something is going to give wanted to give myself a shot anyway – each little talk to people that were positive. I realized that all my friends were mostly negative nellies that would rather wake up with a cup of go back to bed-or gossip about other’s misfortune- then wake up with a cup of sunshine. This took me back to the phrase you are who you hang with. I found that these things had a little truth to them. I began to surround myself with positive people( even if even if it’s someone that gets paid by the hour to be nice to people) it was what I needed. When others noticed a change in me, I began to notice a lot of positive feedback and I was able to help other people, which made me feel wonderful. I just wish I could help someone who might be feeling like I’ve felt for a long time I wasted so many years putting myself down I didn’t need any enemies I was hard enough on myself life is too short what is the point there is no such thing supermodels are airbrushed and look they can’t even eat, Ever! I love you and I wish you all the sunshine and rainbows this world has to offer….xo

    P.s. Remember renting videos the phrase “please be kind-rewind”? How about just…..Be Kind, to thyself and others….

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