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    Hi !

    I’m on a search for spiritual awakening because I don’t believe I’m living like I’m supposed to. During my readings on the internet I cannot seem to fully accept the following theory…

    I’m currently investigating the vibration energy of a human being. Everyone’s vibration energy has a frequency level. If you are very happy your vibration is stronger (higher frequency). I learned that positive things raise your vibration and negative things lower it. When your vibration is high you attract positive things, because it’s on the same frequency.

    This theory all makes sense when you compare it with our everyday lives. Two examples:

    1) If you’re always in a bad mood or doing things (that lower your vibration) you become unhappy. This
    is pretty normal if you think about it.

    2) Imagine yourself go sitting in a grass field with sunlight on your face and nature all around you. You
    try to meditate by focussing on your breath and clearing your thoughts. This is said to be a way to
    raise your frequency. In my opinion, this makes sense even without knowing about this vibration
    theory. Nature, sunlight and clearing your thoughts make us happy, ofcourse !

    The vibration theory is easy to understand and makes sense to me when I apply it. But I doubt that this theory is the reason why for example sunlight and clearing your thoughts make you happy. For me there’s no need for an energy theory to explain common things.

    Before I can’t continue my search for the unknown, I need to understand why people talk about this energy theory to explain spiritual things. Also, do I have to fully accept this theory to develop myself?

    Thank you for reading



    Dear Regi:

    For me as well, “there’s no need for an energy theory to explain common things”.

    There is no scientific way to detect or measure “vibration frequency”. But of course, not all real things can be detected or measures scientifically.

    But what purpose is this theory serving to people who feel passionately about it, I wonder and I hope that a member or members who do feel passionately about it will reply.



    No theology, apologetic, dogma…. MUST be adopted to develop one’s self/spirit. In fact, Buddha often admonished his disciples not to blindly follow his teachings but test them and verify them through their own experience like a goldsmith tests the purity of gold.  I would go so far in saying that part of the journey will require one to move past and even reject all the dogmas and such. one must leave god to find G_d

    The question you ask – do you have to fully accept this theory to develop myself – suggests that you may be miss-understanding the words ‘spiritual development’ so it might help if you state what you mean by those words.

    As for the Law of Vibration – I suspect there is something to it – based on my own experience

    I always liked the idea of string theory, where it is the vibration of the “string” determines how they interact and create matter.  I’m not sure if that applies to the Law of Vibration or not however I like the picture it creates…. Have you even done the experiment with a magnet and metal filings – how the magnetic field of energy a-lines the filings into the pattern of the field – all the filings vibrating in the same direction, each filing influencing the other to create the pattern… Or have you been at a concert were the music a-lines everyone and you have the experience of being connected to everyone, everyone “vibrating” in the same direction, experiencing the same ‘energy’, emotions….

    “Every thought, emotion or mental state has its corresponding rate and mode of vibration. And by an effort of the will of the person, or of other persons, these mental states may be reproduced, just as a musical tone may be reproduced by causing an instrument to vibrate at a certain rate − just as color may be reproduced in the same may.” – Kybalion

    You may be interested to read hermetic book Kybalion – you can download a copy for free, just google it.

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