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    David Goettsch

    It seems like everywhere I go someone is talking about the law of attraction. It has become such a huge movement that I am really curious what the wonderful people of this forum think about it?

    Personally I support the idea that the law of attraction promotes being positive and dreaming big, but I really think in the long run it hurts people. In all reality, anything in life worth having takes work, and the law of attraction forgets to mention this all important part of the formula. I don’t really believe you can achieve anything in life just because you “will” it into existence, although I am a huge supporter of positive thinking. I don’t want to clog up this whole board with my thoughts though, so I wrote a detailed post about my feelings on the law of attraction if you want to check it out here :http://personal-growth-project.com/blog/2013/8/3/the-good-the-bad-the-ugly-a-rant-about-the-secret-law-of-attraction

    I know this topic is pretty controversial, but i am genuinely interested how people really feel about the law of attraction, so let me know!


    I haven’t read or watched “The Secret”, but from what I’ve heard it’s all about “getting what you want to make you happy” and “what you want” is usually a lot things like cars, money, sex, a house, job, etc. The law of attraction, whether or not it works, continues to perpetuate a unending cycle – I want stuff. I get stuff. I want more stuff. I get more stuff….blah blah blah.

    Nothing wrong with wanting stuff per say, but in seems like a misdirected energy to me.

    I could be wrong.

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    I hear you on this David..I wrote a post titled “unsure?” A while back and really only got an answer from Matt..maybe you can share your thoughts on this. Thanks…e



    Have you watched the whole of “The Secret”? It does take into account that the positive thinking doesn’t make the world randomly bless us with fruit, rather it shifts our body at a quantum level, allowing our inspiration to move us in the direction of our desires.

    My difficulty with this is that power without a proper moral direction (such as the 8fp) is like a rocket without tailfins. There is a lot of thrust, but if we manifest conditional happiness such as cars and boats and sexy partners, we probably also increase the net suffering in our life, not to mention the lives of others. However, co-creative ideas such as positive thinking about righteous ideals, such as creating compassion and wisdom and unconditioned joy is not only feasible but a well established path.

    Hermann Hesse described it well in Siddhartha, where a meditative mind moving toward its desire is like a rock moving toward the bottom of a river. Gravity takes over and the path becomes a direct path and doesn’t waver.

    In your post, perhaps the ugly could be that if we manifest material gain, it produces craving… either for the missing fruit (if the vision does not manifest) or the next horizon of satiation (if the vision does manifest). The hungry ghost realm is the result, which is likened to a being with a tiny mouth and a big belly, unable to find a satisfied feeling… because the wander from craving to craving without finding genuine nourishment.

    In short, use with caution… because what you wish for might just come true. Then what?

    With warmth,

    David Goettsch

    I agree with you John, even provided it does work, which I don’t believe it does, would it really lead to a life that anyone would want? People say it all of the time, when i get … I will be happy. When happiness is based on the things you WANT instead of the things you HAVE, I think there is a serious imbalance that will only lead to suffering.

    David Goettsch

    Great points Matt thanks for sharing.

    I have watched it all the way through, and although I can somewhat meet the idea of quantum mechanics being responsible for the changes, it still doesn’t resonate with me on a personal level.

    I completely agree with you in your analogy of the rocket! As I responded to John, I don’t believe that even if the law of attraction did work, that people would truly find much happiness with it. Its hard to find happiness when you are looking in the wrong places, and wanting “things” definitely is a long way from the right place. It does sort of seem like a cruel joke that even if it did work, it wouldn’t really be of much benefit to anyone. I guess I can chalk that up with one more issue I have with the law of attraction. Definitely some food for thought, thanks again.

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