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    Well I think this calls for a sit down and a glass of wine.

    … because I dislike religion because it creates hate, misunderstanding and war and suffering made by man…. Ive come to think that God is a state of mind or a state of being. God, to me, is a feeling. I read thd bible although I’ve read enough history to know how it’s been written and changed to suit various kings’ wishes. So I doubt it sometimes. But some of its a lovely feeling and common sense so I get thd gist of it.

    MY God is maybe others” Buddha. Mine is loving and caring and will look after me.My God reminds me there’s a world outside of man and this logic we live by. My God is the sun that breaks through the clouds and feels like he’s looking at me. My god knows how I feel about nature and brings me a bird that lands on the ground in front of me and looks me right in the eyes and almost dares me to make him move to pass.

    The God who knows me let’s me feel black. He let’s me feel the weight of suffering and misery and he pits me in those places through mt own stupid actions and he let’s me feel like suicide but he also keeps a little fire burning in my soul that says I need you to feel this to grow and go forwards but I’m not going to let you sink.

    The God I trust in doesn’t judge me for making mistakes but he let’s me judge myself and says , it’s ok to hate yourself right now. But we git work to so so I need you to pick yourself up. And I feel I can’t he sends me thst bird. And breaks out that sun. And makes the trees blow madly as if it’s a message to say look you. There’s a world out there and it’s bigger than you and everything you could ever know so look up and out because I’m looking at you.

    Now I am bit torn because dies God and spirituality combine? Can they be one and the same? The god book says no to ghosts but I feel their presence and I’m happy to believe that. My god is in me and I am happy to believe he’s the one sending guardian angels to keep me afloat because there’s work to do. He doesn’t even mind that I haven’t a clue what to do in life. That’s not important in the world. Thats only important in society. And he’s bigger than that too


    I’ll try to answer this seriously but is hard because I know I can take myself too seriously and this makes me feel worse.( Analytical Al takes over Maudlin Mal starts to get too sentimental)
    You need to find answers to problems your parents/guardians/older siblings/circle of friends haven’t faced or solved yet.
    My parents never had an opportunity to get education for example or travel overseas. Whether I’ve used these opportunities to my full benefit is the question. I’ve had the opportunity to study Buddhism and meditation. I’ve got a more intellectual approach to life. That doesn’t make me better than my parents. Just different I guess. I think I have some self-awareness they didn’t have but one thing I’ll never match is their family making . They had 7 kids (all boys) and created a beautiful home for all of us. That is something I will always deeply respect about them. They lived their life to the full with no arrogance.


    I wish I understood and could do meditation.

    ”You need to find answers to problems your parents/guardians/older siblings/circle of friends haven’t faced or solved yet.”

    do you? I don’t properly understand that statement. why do we have to find out stuff they didn’t find? Did I get that correctly?


    It’s good to read that there are others like me, people who don’t have ambition, drive or goals and I thank you sincerely for sharing that here.
    I have never felt the need to push my way through this life that I have been given. I’m happy just being happy and grateful for what I have in this life.
    It hasn’t always been like this for me, I’ve had tough times too, like most people, and like others here I knew it was just a part of my pathway…another lesson.
    I wish the world could feel as content and peaceful.


    To know myself, to have compassion for others and be at peace.


    Ha! Guess there is no purpose after all ,just gonna go with flow


    So are you content and happy with what you do ?

    Well I am unsure about each and everything that I cannot believe or do anything
    Everything boils down to whether its right or wrong ….which again is a question of perception so ultimately I am in a situation of limbo

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