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    what is the real purpose of life??


    hi Anirudh and all those who are reading this …
    I m going to write what i have felt and done in my life..
    there are times when we get stuck in life..feeling numb and see no one actually getting along us..with our mind..thoughts and feelings… then we just come to this question to ask ..whats the real purpose..why am i here..why…….
    to me…the answer came before the question… We all are God’s beautifull and most Perfect Creation…humans…we are sent to this world with a PURPOSE,… God has kept that Purpose inside us… we need to find that..realize it..n start working on it…..he made happiness with sufferings… he made good with bad…same he made us..with our Purpose attached…
    To that i would say..there are people who realize what they want to be in der some wants to be Doctor..some Engineer..Writer..some Social worker..Journalist…etc… but we all serve a Purpose while doing that.. A social worker is doing his/her work with dedication ,compassion and making the world a better place to live.. a Writer is writing a book..which shall motivate a reader reading it even after 10 years of its publishing… we create ripples…help one another..and make this world a better place by being der for each other in a way that this God’s creative world is worth living… and we at the same time enjot the life we have been given…serve our Purpose and come back to heavens to meet him… πŸ™‚

    i had so much to write on this…still hae..but too much would not help.. hope i made some ease for your searching Anirudh…


    Thanks purpose
    For sharing your experiences and thoughts


    hi.. I would like you to read and apply the concept of Power of Subconcious Mind…
    u must start Yoga… meditation… since these are the ways through which we can get closer to our source and start living our life in real sense….
    keep Journals… keep writing about your daily efforts towards discovering your sure by the end of this year…you would be closer to it…
    Anirudh..there are very few people who even know about their purpose in life and very few search for any… if you are thinking towards such things…that means God is making you come closer to your self..
    Help yourself… best help comes from self…
    ALL THE BEST.. may you and all those in this world you are looking for der purpose…be blessed by God….
    πŸ™‚ keep updating all…


    k thanks once again.


    The purpose of life is to make your own. That means the possibilities are endless. πŸ™‚


    hi Anirudh
    with God’s blessings on me… i can say YES i have found my Real Purpose in life…
    hope your journey has begun… hope to hear from you about your Purpose…
    and that day we would share each other’s Purpose πŸ™‚
    ALL THE BEST… have faith in God always….


    Hi Anirudh,

    I agree with Al – Make your own purpose πŸ™‚

    What lights your fire?

    Cheers πŸ™‚

    Bongani Sibeko

    Hi everybody!
    The purpose of life is really simple once you reconnect with the one reason why you live (your own personal purpose). Once you have identified your own identity you will realise that you are but just a piece of the puzzle among many pieces.
    So life is a platform really to give you an opportunity to play your role and serve your own gift the best and the only way YOU can.

    Hannah Olsen

    I believe that life lets us know what our purpose is, if we pay attention. The people we come in contact with, the things that happen to us and to those around us help us to know who we really are. Once we accept the person we are; knowing why we are here is the next step on the journey. I am not a rocket scientist; I am an RN, so I could be wrong. I did not want to be a nurse, but for a lot of reasons, that became my profession and I know that was where I belonged. My life led me there and L am grateful I did not get my own way. I would not say nursing was my purpose but it led me towards it. Blessings to all


    That is the most important question for all of us. We all struggle to find the purpose and the meaning of it all, and I find myself as a I age wondering what I am going to leave behind. What will my legacy be? I don’t think there is an answer, I think we can create our own purpose at any given moment. We have the free will to live a life full of the things and people that are meaningful to each of us, and what is meaningful to me will not be right for someone else. Maybe we should seek to discover the things that we are passionate about and find meaning in those and then that moves us closer to understanding what our purpose is. Meditation and prayer certainly help bring clarity! Be blessed and good luck on fining an answer!



    Sorry for the late reply, was going through a rough patch
    Phew time flies !1+ years:p
    What I am looking for is generalised purpose of living,
    I don’t know why ,but it feels a little weird to just create a reason of our own to to keep living.

    And the past one year I have learnt a lot !



    And thank u ppl for sharing ur views ☺


    Yeah I’m going to talk about purpose.

    I have always felt that there is a reason I am here. I call it God but it doesn’t have to be. Whenever I’ve been at my lowest ebb I’ve always felt that it was just a phase. I always knew I was going to get through everything I’ve been through because there’s a reason I’ve been put here.

    I’ve been through some seriously shit times and wanted to give up but a sense of purpose keeps me going. Something refuses to let me give up even though I occasionally want to. I call that God, but it doesn’t have to be.

    Now, a sense of purpose is not the same as ambition. I have ZERO ambition in the entire world – there’s nothing I strive for, there’s nothing I am aiming for, I have no goals. When I look into the future I see myself dying of cancer. I feel like I am one of the chosen in that respect. Oh well. I’m not afraid of that. When that’s my time, it’s my time.

    In the meantime, for a girl with no goals and no ambition and ready to hop off the planet whenever I’m called, I feel am overwhelming sense of purpose.

    I don’t think it’s an accident that I’ve been through my shit and come out the other side and am able to empathise with others in similar places. I don’t think it’s an accident that my pull is to stand beside hurting people and let them know someone is listening. It is not an accident that I have just volunteered to join the Samaritans

    It is because I am living this life of no ambition and no goals that I am free and open to living in the now and being able to sense and feel the hurt of others around me and have the care and strength to help others. I have saved lives. I have talked a man off a bridge and off a cliff and done a sort of online Samaritan thing.

    And do you know what I appreciate myself for as well? When I am in a shit state – when I feel I am just not coping, when I have been abused anbeen a junkie etc etc etc – I never told anybody ever when I was living through it because I knew I was going to be ok and FOR ME – I don’t feel the need to talk it all through with people or get advice or think woe is me because FOR ME – I know I am going through this as part of the purpose. I know … I am going to make a difference in the world – just person by person, listen by listen , stand beside by stand beside. I am a very strong woman and I know why I’m here. I call it God, but it doesn’t have to be


    Dear pomplemous:

    It is very refreshing for me to read: “I have ZERO ambition in the entire world – there’s nothing I strive for, there’s nothing I am aiming for, I have no goals.” I like that very much. I am trying to understand better your purpose, the thing you call “God, but it doesn’t have to be.” Can you tell more about it, the nature of your god?


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