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    Hello everyone,

    I’ve a question. I’ve recently watched the movie of Rhonda Byrne, ‘The Secret’. It talks about Thoughts mainly which directs your life. Bu then what happens to astrology, the way they predict your future, i’m totally confused. please guide me.


    Dear Lucie,

    In my opinion, The Secret is a rather extreme interpretation of the idea of thoughts translating into feelings translating into action. Indeed life around us appears to have this mystical element sometimes but this mystical element may simply be a result of us not being in line with our senses entirely. Often our subconscious mind is able to take in TMI than our conscious mind can.

    Now regarding astrology, I am not much of a believer in its ability to predict the future per say – it fails to take into account the power of choice. Indeed there are factors beyond our control but if astrology were really that an exact science, we would be using it to predict the weather, tell us when the next financial crises will happen, when i catch a cold etc

    One thing i do agree on is this idea – Thoughts indeed have an effect on how we feel about ourselves and the external environment. Our perception often has a huge role in deciding our responses to situations which in turn has an impact on the quality of our lives. However, simply thinking away things wont fix them though! The Dalai Lama had once said that one has to reach a certain plane of consciousness to actually internalize the new thought and have the new feeling.

    Say, Something terrible happens, logically we know what this is the right thing to think – “but it takes a while for us to recycle the old thinking” and hence the old emotional response.

    Recycling this old thinking can happen either through giving ourselves time, allowing ourselves to feel what we feel or simply distracting ourselves enough to get newer thoughts. Its a process that varies from individual to individual in terms of duration and intensity.

    I hope the other add further to your question.



    Hi Lucie,

    The Secret, or the Law of Attraction, is based on one of the Laws of Hermeticism. In other words, it’s hardly new!! And what they don’t tell you is that there are Nine Other Laws!!

    Does the Law of Attraction work? Yes. But kind of. Your consciousness and other people and the world has its hand in the pot too!!

    And for Astrology, your birth chart is great for looking at your personality. But as for predicting the future ~ unless your Rising/Ascendant Sign and your Moon sign are exactly the same as your Sun Sign ~ and you follow a fabulous astrologer ~ I don’t put much stock in that. Too many variables.




    Lucie – the way I look at these two seemingly paradoxical topics (pre-destined future versus manifesting your own destiny) is that you come born with a destiny and it will all come true (if predicted by “fabulous astrologers” as Inky says) if you go with the flow, live life as it comes. But you also have the free-will to create and manifest your own destiny – whether it’s by the law of attraction, or the 9 other laws in conjunction, or any other name you may call it, in which case you’re moving away from your pre-destined future and creating your own destiny and future.


    @ Moongal
    Hi dear, thanks foe illuminating me with your thinking. I’m looking forward to a brighter laughter, brighter future. Thanks!


    Thanks Inky for these words. It means a lot. I’m not a great believer of astrology but scared of it. It has shown me lots of negative things. Frankly i prefer to live my life according to the flow. Whether bad or good just go along and face it with a positive way. Let’s go happy way. 🙂

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