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    Cole Davis

    Hello everyone 🙂 I understand some people dont see the eye to eye with me on this and i totaly understand why. I am not posting this to offend anybody, this is just whati believe and i’d be intrested in to see what you guys think about it. So if anyone gets offended by this i am sorry.

    Like the title says, i believe that the use of some “drugs” (marijuana) help maintain inner peace. Other drugs like the psychedelics lsd, mushrooms, peyote and what i believe to be the most powerful dmt. I believe that those all can help in a way to maintain and help with inner peace meditation. I live in california and i believe
    marijuana has a much more positive affect for my meditation, happiness and inner
    peace. Id like to hear what you guy have to think about that. If you agree with me cool
    if not id like to hear why you think its wrong.

    I do understand the whole legal issue for using drugs for our spirtual beliefs.
    Like i said earlier if i offended any of you at all. I am sorry

    I hope you all have an amazing and positive day 🙂


    My thought is that drugs may expedite spiritual growth by forcing you to face your demons or triggering spontaneous visions/inspirations, but that most often drugs are advocated by users because drugs are coping mechanisms and advocating them helps users improve or maintain their self-image.

    So, I respectfully disagree. While Terence McKenna and similar writers have interesting conjectures and it’s certainly possible that some substance users may find some sort of enlightenment through such substances, I feel that there’s very generally little real difference between someone who drinks alcohol and someone who uses something illegal. Just another port in the storm, needed by ships that aren’t well prepared for the rough seas of life.

    I highly suggest meditation as an alternative.

    I hope you have an awesome day too, amigo.



    One of the precepts for Buddhists is the agreement to give up intoxicated mental states. One teacher described the journey of mindful practice like climbing a mountain. Drugs may give you glimpses of the peak, but it is meditation that is the climbing. At best, drugs are a crutch for what meditation can provide without consequence. Perhaps when you’re ready, it will be a simple thing to release the crutches and simply walk.

    My overall take on choices like these is do what feels right, but pay attention to what is really there. Said differently, walk whatever path calls to you, but continue to grow your mindfulness and compassion… and that which doesn’t serve you will drop away, become less appealing, or reveal its consequences.

    With warmth,


    I think that drugs have the potential to calm your nerves or let you relax when your mind becomes overwhelmed with stresses.

    That being said, when you always turn to weed during stressful times, you are avoiding the problem, and this avoidance becomes the habit that is hard to break. You will forget how to deal with stress.

    Both with family and work, you will need to learn how to think through your problems, make rational decisions, and have perspective of the situation. Being stoned does not allow you to do that in real time.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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