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    Hey Kimani,
    I have to admit that I didn’t read the whole topic because I am very tired, hope to read it later.
    But I wanted to ask, if you have read books of Caroline Myss? At the moment I am just reading her book ‘Sacred Contracts’, which is also drawing further upon the theory of Archetypes, (but i’m not that far yet, that is why the content of your post is still quite ‘alien’ for me). So perhaps that might be interesting for you, in case you hadn’t heard of it yet.

    So, if i understand well, the relationship between the archetypes and the disorders is your part, that doesn’t come from Jung?
    On how much sources do you base this idea?
    How much study of all these disorders did you do for that?

    For example, can you explain me why you say that people with Borderline personality disorder, have an impulsive, manipulative nature?

    I’m not trying to critisize or ridicule anything, I would like to understand more where you come from.

    I might have other things to say as well, maybe when I have read more in the book to help me understand and reflect more on things.


    Well to begin with please go to my website for more indepth explanation
    I’m trying to redirect traffic from here to my site. My theory has been updated since I first posted this thread. New archetypes and questions have been added.

    Borderline is grouped together in the DSM with histrionic narcissism and sociopathy because they all contain similar characteristics. So that’s why you can apply all the same three archetypes to those 4 conditions.

    My main sources are the DSM and the 12 common archetypes website.

    I have not read this book of which you speak. Sounds interesting


    Oh and yes Jung didn’t connect everything and see the archetype patterns that I saw. So I’m kind of taking his concept to the next level. I really hope people go to my website when they come here. When you start out posting here you can’t post links to websites so I had to copy and paste the whole theory right on here. This seems to be gaining some notoriety and popularity and I had always hoped my website would be the source of it. I am happy people are taking an interest in this though regardless of what website the interest comes from.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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