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    Now my recent ex is determined to claim some of my money from a wreck that i have been in this past May. He states since he has helped me with legal matters that he is

    entitled to half or if not that at least some of the money. He constantly calls asking for my anwser and tells me to do the right thing. All his hard work in telling me what i should

    do during my recovery and therapy sessions. I tell him i did not have to do any of it but i made the choice to endure the time it took to go through the paper work and constant

    therapy. He feels he deserves something from it. Mostly i ignore his calls but this time i answerd one to see if i could get my game system back that he has taken from me.

    Now i havent gotten anything back nor am i going to give him anything. Its over between me and him but he figures its his. There is no written document stating that i have to

    pay him anything though i have always given him money with nothing in return but some gas in the car. All i want is my game system that i have recently obtain this past

    holiday. He tells me he ist’n trying to keep it and has no use for it but i feel he is trying to use that to get to me. I do have a few things of his to put out for him to pick up but i

    told him to get it he has to give me my items as well. All he wants is the money I’m about to get from the wreck which he says i owe him. I owe him? I’ve done alot for him and

    yet i owe him? I gave him money, bought him clothes, took him out to eat with my grandma, (excuse me) washed his ass(literally) and gave him my untouched body thinking

    he was deserving. I messed up but he shouldn’t do this to me after all i have given and done i would at least expect some self evaulation or realization of the things i’ve done

    for him. But no he tells me i’m going to piss him off if i dont comply with his demands……wait a mintue i call file harassment charges or just change my number simple as that.

    My question: 1. Whats my next step? 2. And if so how have you handle out of control men before in the past?


    Hi Paula
    I think you need to get some legal advice, if you can’t afford it there are free community legal services that you could use. Best thing is to take things one step at a time, and put safety and support services in place for yourself. I think some external services and advice would really help you.
    All the best


    I see well ill work on it since I have already started by moving and changing my phone number. Ok thanks.


    Dear Paula, i have read your note,
    One. i would get some legal advice.
    Two. I personally wouldn’t bother with the game system, you want, because it is all a control method for him to keep a hold over you to get what he wants.
    Three. Once he is out of the picture, learn to look after yourself.
    Don’t allow this to bring you down or make you feel like a bad person or make you feel low in any shape or form.
    Think about what you want for yourself and begin to do those things, maybe write a list of things you want to do or change or improve on and do them.
    You need to try to find a way to cut him out for good or he will control you and bring you down.
    Love yourself. keep positive and see what advice you can get.

    i hope it goes well, keep posted and if you ever need help or someone to just chat too i am here.



    Yeah that makes since though I have worked hard to get the game system waiting in line for a hour on black Friday this past holiday. But I understand what I have to do and

    let go of this to move on. Its the only way and I have already started but as far as legal matters, I don’t think that’s necessary because he just advise I should go through a

    lawyer. He didn’t fill any paper work out or attend the sessions. This is for the accident that I have been through and a claim that I have filed. He just said one day, “oh I think

    you should call a lawyer for the accident since your insurance is not covering lost wages and rental”. Also he said “the more sessions you attend the more money you’ll get

    out of your settlement”. Now after this later he said you know I should get half right? I’m like what? He says since he helped me stay on it. That’s when we were together but

    now apart it is still the same I want my half or at least some since you said yeah, he tells me. He is looking out for himself and wants what little I have left that is for my

    accident an bills that are passed due.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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