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    Hey PryingMiMi.

    Sometimes i think when you are young you feel like you might be weird when really what you are feeling is normal, and some 50+ people or anyone of any age can feel the same as you.
    Sometimes it takes time to find good friends, after school i done 3 years of college and i am now going into my second year of uni.
    and ive made friends, and ive had good people come and go.. and ive only really found my real friends in uni.
    and others of my friends know theirs are from school or college.
    try to not over think or worry about things.
    listen to happy music, see friends spend time with them, but don’t do anything you don’t want too do, like going clubbing or partying to keep in the crowd.
    some people are better with just one good friend, and i have many wonderful friends but ive always been best with just the odd 2 good friends.
    do things that you enjoy, like sports or something, that way you meet more people and you open up more in yourself you feel an inner peace.
    hope this helps, if you need more help
    i am here to help anyway i can or just to listen/read


    Hello Jeff, sorry to hear your bad news.

    You can not allow yourself to thing that things are happening because of bad luck or it will bring you down.
    Try not to dwell on your past, learn what you can and keep going strong and remember to smile.
    i personally have had some bad times too and my friend told me that as a result i wouldnt allow happiness into myself because i didnt feel any point in it because bad things kept happening!
    so she bought me this book, and i think maybe you should try it.
    ‘the secret – by rhonda byrne, is a clever little book which is all about allowing yourself to be happier and enjoy simple things in life.
    and i read this book every day because it keeps me happy, it keeps me thinking that good things can happen if i work hard for them.
    Dont let your past control your future and your now.

    Keep postive, Smile, love yourself do things in life that make you happy.
    those you have lost, would want you happy.
    If you learn to focus on yourself and your own happiness then more love and happiness can come into your life.
    thing about the things that you want, and things that can make you happier.
    Better food, sports, spending time with family, friends
    the more you think about your own happiness better things can happen.

    hope this helps,
    always here if you need someone to help or listen



    Heres my email if you would rather speak via email than on tinybuddha



    Hello Alana, its sad to hear your story. myself i have seen or myself i have had to go through some similar issues, so i hope this helps you.
    1. i am very proud of you to open up and admit your problems that’s a very strong powerful thing to do, so well done you.
    Now not everyone is a fan of going to see someone to talk too, have you tired it? don’t knock it till you do try it because you never know, ive had 4 myself for different things and some of the people i spoke to were fantastic and others not so.

    Drugs and drink don’t help, they bring you down, and you need to see them as a bully, they are control and they don’t care about you.

    Now down to business.

    i personally love to write a good ‘to do list’
    have you ever thought of doing one? clear your mind and write down everything you would love to do,
    yoga? swimming? dancing?
    i personally have used mediation and it has helped greatly with a dark past.
    Your past doesn’t define who you are. you must find a way to let go of your past, i myself have spent a long time trying to let go of my past problems.
    and i guess the best things that helped were friends, having people to trust and having mediation.

    you will feel tired it is not an easy road but if you keep trying and you keep going it will get easier i promise.
    the key is to remember your reasons why you want change. and thats your children and YOURSELF.
    learn to love yourself, learn to look at yourself and think of all the wonderful things about you.
    Eat good food, see good friends, see someone for help if it helps you and learn your past is the past and all that matters is now.
    you can eat good food that tastes good and its cheap,

    life is hard life can be a real bitch sometimes, but Alana its so very beautiful too.
    i hope this helps, and i hope you write back i am here if you need someone, and i can try and help with any advice or just listening
    i can go into better detail of things if it helps you in anyway
    so dont feel like you cant write back to me because i am here



    Dear Paula, i have read your note,
    One. i would get some legal advice.
    Two. I personally wouldn’t bother with the game system, you want, because it is all a control method for him to keep a hold over you to get what he wants.
    Three. Once he is out of the picture, learn to look after yourself.
    Don’t allow this to bring you down or make you feel like a bad person or make you feel low in any shape or form.
    Think about what you want for yourself and begin to do those things, maybe write a list of things you want to do or change or improve on and do them.
    You need to try to find a way to cut him out for good or he will control you and bring you down.
    Love yourself. keep positive and see what advice you can get.

    i hope it goes well, keep posted and if you ever need help or someone to just chat too i am here.



    Dear ‘Fe Martin’

    i have read your note, and i hope this will help.
    a breakup is a awful thing to have to go through.
    and i believe so many people forget themselves when they break up with someone. and i am asking you, have you forgotten yourself?
    Do you have a job you enjoy? good people in your life who make you laugh lots and they stand by you and support you? do you do hobbies and things you enjoy?
    i think a little crying is good, it lets it all out. and i think you should do a list of everything you want to do for yourself.
    things you want to do or change. and this helps,
    it will help keep you positive, keep you busy and allow you to learn to look after yourself.
    in time you can look at this breakup and learn the problems which were in it, so that you know what you can learn from it to improve in a new relationship when the time is right, it also means you can look at yourself and what you truly need and want.
    always look at what you can learn, and in time you can look at the relationship and think of all the good, and keep those good memories and there is not any harm in keeping good memories as long as you don’t dwell to much on them.
    right now think about yourself.
    good food, good friends good laughs, allow yourself to heal, learn and think about your own needs.
    Your parents arent you, and i know people say you are like your parents and so on,
    and it may seem harsh but they have made there bed they can lay in it.
    you don’t have to be your parents, you can look at them and learn from them and be a better stronger person, allow those mistakes they have made, allow them to help you become the better person you want to be.
    allow love in your life, and this begins by loving yourself.
    i hope this helps, let me know how it goes, always here if you need a friend


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