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    I know that not everyone is the happiest person on the planet. However, I do believe that associating yourself with other positive people who are honestly looking to move in an upward direction in work and life in general is the best thing to do when you yourself are also looking to do the same.

    I do not believe in trampling over people to be recognized and I understand that it takes work and dedication to move to greater heights.

    However, at my previous employer there were people who seemed to be in a constant state of misery, anger, and hate. I tried my best to deal with those people in a professional manner. When the contract was completed, I was so absolutely thrilled to be moving on and hoping to leave most of those people behind. Period.

    Luckily, not long after… I started working at a new company. I really believe in what the company mission statement and I have met some people while working there that do make me believe that they are honestly invested in the their work. In addition to that, the team that I trained with is great. All of my team members are about team effort and we help each other at any given time. The company that I work for is in expansion and I know that people are really trying their best to move along with the changes.

    So, after our training group completed initial training… a new group started. I met most of the group the first day that they started and everyone seemed to be optimistic to start.

    However, there was one person that started the following day that was one of the people that I desperately hoped to never see again. This person was extremely problematic and persistently in a negative loop. Not only did she always have a stuck in first gear disposition about her life, but she constantly talked bad about the situation of another. If it was not that someone was out to get her one day, it was about how horrible everyone else is.

    I reached out to an old friend that I happened to meet by chance at a local shop that week. He told me that the best thing to do is focus on my job and to not worry about it….things will eventually sort themselves out.

    So, today the drama ensues. However, it did not happen with me. It happened to my co-worker who sits in front of me who happens to be a very awesome person. My co-worker was pretty floored when this woman started telling her that she does not need to look away from her (as in not acknowledging her existence) and can talk to her to get to know her despite what other people are saying about her. While my co-worker walked away (a bit freaked out about what happened), she persisted to stared her down.

    The real situation was …. It happened to be that my co-worker was walking by her and texting her partner at the same time while making her way back to our office. Not intentionally ignoring her.

    This type of thing is exactly how a lot of the workplace drama started at my last place of employment.

    My supervisors got wind of the events that took place and said that this kind of workplace behavior will not be tolerated. I perceive that supervisors do not have time for stuff like this to occur on the office floor and will put a stop to it at the first signal of matters getting ridiculous and/or out of hand.

    I am honestly just hoping that there will be no more situations like this in the near future and that things will stop at the event that took place today.


    Hello Anna!

    Sorry to hear about the office dramatics. I’m sure everyone has experienced a situation where there is one (or more) people who seem set on creating a negative atmosphere for everyone. Has anyone ever confronted this woman? I find that sometimes people who are negative in an office setting, have never been made aware that it is inappropriate to do so – no one has ever confronted them about their behaviour so they feel it’s okay to continue acting the way they are. Asking her if there is something bothering her, or if something happened to upset her might be a better approach instead of being aggressive back. It doesn’t have to be said in a mean or disrespectful manner, but maybe she’ll check her attitude or at least, she’ll give you an idea as to why her behaviour is like that. I have found that people who are unhappy are obviously just mean to other people for no reason. Sometimes it’s just a bad day they are having, or sometimes it’s a ton of things going on. She may be a very lovely person in a different setting, and maybe there is something going on when she shows up to work that makes her feel like she needs to be mean. Or maybe she’s unhappy with something causing her to be negative. I guess if all else fails, the rest of the people that are aware of how she acts could maybe come up with a solution to not be affected by her negativity. Maybe just saying “thank you for your input” and carrying on. Not sure if any of that helps, but I hope things get less dramatic in the future! After all, we shouldn’t let people who don’t know us or aren’t fully in our lives, ruin our day.


    Thank you for replying Jess 🙂

    I worked with this actual person before.

    There were constant meditations almost every week with her. An office fist fight almost broke out, problematic gossip, disrespecting co-workers…you name it. I have talked to her before about the way she treats others (other co-workers have also done the same, but she does not see the issue.

    I previously thought that maybe she is not the or a problem and that she just needed someone to talk to.

    However, I found that the advice I was giving was not being heard and that the constant inquisition for he said / she said…was more of a concern to her than being positive and trying to make a change.

    I do not think she is all or completely a bad person. I believe that good, or the potential for good resides in all people. But, I do think that she does not care enough to consider the way she treats other as something that she needs to work on.

    In the end, I think carrying on and “thank you for your input” may be the best response.

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