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    I’m having a small issue with my lady that I been with for six years.she jus now told me she gave oral sex b4 she mention daddy issues.Than she told me she didn’t no what love was until she met me,Nothing bothers about her sex past but that WHY Someone please help I have a great woman but at times I feel resentment towards cuz of it.How can I get over it it’s kinda affecting our relationship cuz I have been bringing it up for four months now periodically.HELP ME


    * Dear Julio:

    You’ve been in a monogamous relationship with your girlfriend for six years, correct?

    First, do not ask her any more questions about her sexual past before she met you. If she volunteered such information, ask her to no longer volunteer such information. Do the same regarding your past.

    Regarding the information you already know, don’t bring it up anymore, no matter how compelled you feel to bring it up. No matter how badly you want to bring it up- don’t. Resist the desire to bring it up.

    Bringing it up has become a habit. To break the habit of bringing it up, don’t. Over time the compulsion, that desire to bring up the topic, will weaken. This is how you break that habit.



    * didn’t record…


    Geovane, you have created a compelling argument but I think it mainly applies to young guys for whom peer group dictates self-worth. As you mature as a man, you care less about what your peer group thinks and focus more on what you need out of a relationship between two separate and distinct adults with different needs and histories, different dreams and priorities.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)

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