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    asim choudhury

    I see there are two impediments to growth in our life taking over us sometimes
    1) I am not good Enough
    2) I already know Enough

    First, one is afraid of trying new things for fear of judgment and failure and the second one is complacency or thinking oneself to be perfect which is death.We already know this and yet for Most of us knowing this does not stop us from making these mistakes.We do this again and again.Have you ever wondered on how to come out of this cycle and to live a life of liberty on a path of growth and contribution? We all have read many articles on self-growth which are helpful.What I am really interested here is real practical tools and techniques to make the shift.I welcome your views and would like to share and discuss to live a life of complete freedom and mastery.


    Christina Kellagher

    Great topic!

    For me impediments to my personal growth are dwelling on the past (I am not good enough) and to stop dwelling I avoid it by keeping myself busy.

    It is true a lot of articles out there say “the only way” but there are many ways to live a complete and free life and they need to be personalized. What works for you might not work for me but it's always worth a try.

    The most practical is being mindful, slowing down thoughts, so that you can think rationally and talk yourself into rational actions that will help you to grow.

    I personally have to “tune out” for a while. I get agitated and overwhelmed by all the information that is available to us. It's stimulation overkill. To the point that I seek only instant gratification and I can't stop for long enough to even think clearly about what I want to improve. So I turn off the computer, not watch t.v. (which I barely do anyways but if I do it's never constructive), put my phone on silent.

    Once I tune out outside stimuli, I am overwhelmed by my own self awareness because I have to think for myself without some other medium entertaining my mind. Thoughts such as “I am not good enough, or I don't have time, Or I don't deserve this” pop into my head and I realize I haven't tuned out for long enough to be comfortable with myself and to truly be mindful of what makes me feel free.

    So my suggestion for others is to tune out: drop what you are doing…is it really that important right now? Turn off the computer, silence your phone, turn off the T.V. and sit for 10 minutes. Feel how more aware you are, ask yourself what do you hear, see, smell, taste, touch in that moment. Breathe. All of this makes me aware of my surroundings and then I can focus on stopping self destructive thoughts that impede my personal growth.

    I wonder if this works for other people?


    asim choudhury

    Yes, I think that “tune out” is very helpful to give the mind a break to re-organize and refocus in a new way. Because, when we are embroiled in ourselves we can't see the true picture and thus emerges the solution.Thank You Christina.

    I think it is always good to focus on one think at a time.When, we feel “I am not good enough for something” we must know that if others can do it so can we and all that is desired is focus, practice, persistence and willingness.If something feels overwhelming then it is always good to divide it into sub-tasks and then approach and focus on one at a time and feel happy when each part is over.It gives me the energy to proceed.

    And, if I am still not sure that I can do it or not then,I do an inquiry as taught by Byron Katie and the truth always comes out that it is an barrier in our mind and not in reality.

    Also, when I see that I am thinking that “I already know something” then I recheck with myself to see if it is a ploy by my ego to avoid new things in my life to be secured in its old comfort zone or may be my ego would feel inferior to someone if I feel and show that I know less.And, most of the time what I find is there is always scope for growth and we can always learn from others what they know.When, we know something they also know something else and all of us grow this way when we share.

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