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    I have been unfriended from Facebook by someone I thought was a friend. It hurts so much. We had been close since 2011 he saw something on my page and referred it to himself (which it was not) . Assumption. I’ve paid the price now.
    Why does the rejection hurt so much?
    Do I ask to be friend again now (since June) we are sorting of texting each other or is it cooler to just let it slide? He has left other other people I know on ?
    This seems a silly thing but It feels so personal to me.
    Has anyone been unfriended, what did you do and if you asked to be put back on where you a success? What should i do?


    Have you tried explaining what you’ve shared with us to that person? I see you make no mention of that.


    People have various reasons for unfriending and it’s best not to take it personally. I know it’s easier to say this than to take it to heart and accept. If it is really hurting you that much, it would be wise to talk to your friend about it. And why does it hurt so much? From what I read in your post I am deducing that you care a lot more about this person than he cares about you. Ask yourself, is anyone who does not reciprocate your affection worth all the energy and time you put into thinking about them?


    I have to agree with Helen. There are so many people out there that know the value of and what it really means to be a true friend that it’s not worth letting people that haven’t matured enough or just don’t understand it yet to take up that space that could be filled by somebody a lot more thoughtful and willing to talk things out. Too many people use the term “friend” too lightly in my opinion.


    Facebook can be used for many different purposes and people can interpret it many different ways. The electronic social media is second best to real, live contact and relationship.

    I have Unfriended people that I am friendly with. I chose only to keep a small group of “friends” on my page because I want to simplify my life. When I had a girlfriend, I Unfriended her because she did not use FB. My kids Unfriended me because they did not bother with FB anymore or wanted my postings about them.

    If you want to really connect and be in your friend’s life then text, phone, or better yet meet him. I think FB makes us lazy in actually connecting as people.

    My two cents.



    Thank you

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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