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    Hey everyone!

    Ever heard of the concept of grounding, or earthing, as in walking barefoot on our precious earth?

    In case you haven’t, this nature-bonding practice isn’t just good for our souls and minds but benefits our bodies, we literally rid ourselves of excess charges, yes electricity, we accumulate living in our artificial surroundings day by day. Lights, gadgets, transport all are great, really, but they are fuelled by voltages we would be better off without. Why? Excess can lead to inflammation versus a healthier balance.

    As we don’t want to ditch the benefits of modern living either yet want to feel as good as possible, the Inner Mettle team has come up with some cool looking sustainably made trainers, which can help us de-charge and stay balanced as we walk about our daily lives, and protect our feet and environment at the same time 😉

    Curious to find out more? Check out our IM Earth Connect Kickstarter campaign page for project and grounding test videos, testimonials et al no strings attached.

    If you do feel like joining the grounding revolution sign up to kickstarter, back our campaign by choosing one of the offers, no charge to your credit card unless the campaign succeeds, and if it does you have a discounted pair on your way to you. Well we’ll first get in touch to find out your address, and which size and colour you require of course 😉

    We’ve got just a month left – see you there!



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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