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    Meghan Yule-Rosen

    Many years ago I took an art appreciation course in college and the professor began by stating “Everyone creates art.”
    Over the years I have thought of this time and again and each time I agree more and more.
    It’s not a matter of whether it’s good or bad, recognized or not.
    What do you create? What is your medium? Do you agree or disagree with the idea that we are all artists? Why?

    Naomi Gray

    I was going to say ‘definitely agree’, but then I had another think. I think everyone has the POTENTIAL to create art…everyone has it within them, but not everyone honours that part of themselves. Too many blocks, too much indecision, lack of confidence,not to mention listening to negativities- all can contribute to not creating art. So, maybe we are all artists,just not active artists.

    Johnny Hart

    Absolutley agree. To be an artist, you don’t have to be exact, just convincing. A simple combination of colors. An arrangment of sticks into a medicine wheel on the ground. Anything that gives anyone any reason to pause for a second and contemplate. I like to create sacred spaces, little books, drawings, paintings, songs, firepits, birhouses, west african drums, tarot spreads, altars.

    Meghan Yule-Rosen

    I totally understand the idea of blocked artists and certainly some of us cling to the negative side of life a little too strongly but I’m thinking of art as a larger more encompassing idea.
    Perhaps the harried mother of five does not see herself as an artist but she creates beautiful scrapbooks for her children or delicious homemade meals are those not art?
    And kudos to Johnny for creating those small bits of art that we all get to enjoy. I was walking on a beach once and someone had stacked a series of stones…it was truly beautiful.


    Tapping into our own self-worth and finding the freedom to express our emotions is an art form and it can be as unique as we are ourselves. For me I have discovered the use of ordinary words as my paint brush. You will not find my work hanging on the wall in sacred galleries across the world, but on the faces of people I come in contact with every single day. My goal is to inspire and bring joy to a heavy heart or a down trodden face wherever I go. Needless to say there is a lot of pain and saddness in our world so my mission is a lifes work. I truly believe there is an abundance of good energy all around us if we can only see it, becoming ‘numb’ to the negative pressure in life sounds like a good alternative. But in doing so we can block the flow of the goodness and joy we may not even know is there. Never ever allow fear or even the rejection of others to stop you from becoming that true creative artist from within .
    “Remember if you are looking for a helping hand, you will find it at the endo your arm. Later you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself and the other for helping others.” —Audrey Hepburn


    When I was at school (a long time ago) I was told that I was no good at art and I believed it for years. After a period when I realised that I was very depressed I attended an art class at Mind (a charity for people with mental health difficulties). I began to understand that for me creating art allowed me to be in the moment and it was the process not the product that was important.

    In the years following this experience I have continued to paint and draw and never to worry what others think of my efforts, because I have already reaped the benefits by the creative process.


    I don’t know if I agree with this. I think an artist is a certain type of personality. I think some people are born artists and some aren’t. Now, you don’t necessarily have to be a practicing artist to be one. But I think that in order to be an artist you have to feel certain things and have a certain understanding of something that others don’t have. I think art is a feeling more than anything else.


    I am a deep thinker, a creative person that especially love drawing. One day, after drawing and i was in the zone of thinking, i realised that we are all artist at heart. In my interpretation, what i meant by ‘we are all artists at heart’ is…
    Being an artist, it does not mean you can draw, paint or do any creative activites such as writing or what so ever. The way we sees life, how we perceive and observe life, how we live each day and how we have gratitude towards everything is also an art. I don’t know, if anyone have the same idea as me, but i see life as an art, and for you to live.. the way you walk, what you cook, how you treat others, your body shapes? you created arts, the art of living!
    🙂 I think it’s beautiful to perceive things/life this way. Hope my thoughts contributes.

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    Jim Darling

    We are all creative in one form or another. Even if it’s simply finding a way to amuse your kids or a rainy day. Everyone with a brain has a mind and everyone with a mind has imagination and everyone who has imagination is creative … in my humble opinion.

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