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    I have out on 5kg in weight over the holidays. Need to lose it but it is like an addiction for me. I can give up smoking, drinking, gambling but food is my weakness. Once I taste food it becomes overwhelming craving that I can’t stop. I secret eat and hide food from my family, I’ve taken food out of bins to eat it.
    Any advice on how to stop or slow down the needs. How does one give up food?


    Maybe try to reacquaint yourself with food. Are you hungry when you do that ? If not, trust your body, take a deep breath, focus on your heart rate, and stop eating. Something else makes you want to eat. It could be emotions. Or you are tired, stressed out, sad, etc. Take care of it without food. The acknowledgement of your inner state is the first step toward self care.


    Hi Trixie,

    I’ve found that it’s best to start small.

    So this month have only six eating “stations” a day. Eat what you want as much as you want during those times.

    Next month for breakfast replace with a green smoothie.

    In March replace a snack with a healthy snack.

    Etc., etc. through the year…

    We tend to be all or nothing. This way you’re slowly changing your habits and will be able to uncover and cope with the real issues that lead you to eat a lot and gently deal with them.




    Dear Trixie:

    Food has been an issue for me for so long and I am still dealing with it these very days. My cravings are only a bit weaker these days but still strong. Only that my cravings used to be even stronger. My behavior around food fit in the past the pattern of a strong addiction. I am really in the process of recovering from it. It is most difficult because food is around and necessary every single day. Part of anyone’s life.

    It is going to take time for you as well, I am sure. What has been working for me is paying attention (mindfulness) to what I am feeling and what i am thinking. It takes time to develop and improve mindfulness. You learn that way what triggers you, what motivates you… things become less mysterious, less unknown and therefore less threatening, over time. Patience and gentleness with yourself is key.

    There is fear in the core of it, and it is a powerful force. And there is a scared you that doesn’t want to feel it. This is what I learned about myself. Can you relate to what I wrote so far?



    Hi Trixie.

    Try to make sure that you get as many nutrients as possible by eating a varied diet based on fresh ingredients. Foods like white pasta, white bread, crisps, cake and soda spikes and dips your blood sugar which can lead to intense cravings and hunger. Whole-grain based foods, fruit n’ veg and protein rich foods gives you a more stable blood sugar which will reduce your cravings and hunger. Drinking water and moderate exercise is also good.

    You can also try mindful eating: http://amihungry.com/what-is-mindful-eating/

    I am not an educated dietician/nutritionist so my post is purely based on my passion for natural/alternative health. Remember that diet recommendations change for different people, such as pregnant people and those that suffer from disease. So make sure you get professional help if such factors apply to you or if the hunger issues get out of hand.

    Best regards.

    // Olle

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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