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    I wonder if this is karma for something…

    Too little energy right now to say anymore details, maybe later.

    Bottomline is, it was done while we were sleeping, and no one noticed. It was quiet and quick.

    Our family has never been robbed before, until this morning…

    They only took things from one room, but nonetheless they took important things. Wallets, bags, gadgets.

    But I am the most affected because they just grabbed my schoolbag, which had my laptop and some of my school stuff (thankfully not all were inside the bag to begin with) and my ID.

    I feel a bit worried about the ID because of identity theft.

    I am angry, but I am also calm, and my family still laughed at things despite what happened.

    They are relieved no one was hurt. If we actually woke up while we were being robbed, who knows if we could have gotten hurt.

    Is this maybe a lesson for me to just reprioritize things, to let go, and to not overthink so much anymore?

    I still want to be really angry, to express it all, but I know that whoever took it probably needed it more than us, at least, for the moment. Maybe they'd also get back some bad karma for doing it. But I am not obsessed about that…

    I am relieved my family is not the vengeful type. I'm glad we didn't waste our time on that. We're just focusing now on increasing measures of prevention.

    I still feel like I am saying all this in irony, however. As if I am just trying to be wise about the situation. As if I have really let go that easily.

    I seem to have the same strategy for most difficult situations in life. I have wise perspectives, although I still have to acknowledge that I feel bad too.



    Some more context: I usually feel bad about schoolwork. College is so so so so so so stressful. I'm usually really nervous about requirements that we have. Technically, this little “incident” DEFINITELY took away time from my schoolwork, and this week was supposed to be “crunch time” for me.

    Okay, I probably exaggerated about how bad I feel about schoolwork. I am also proud of school accomplishments.

    I just realized though how worried I get about these things but when this happened, I just paused. And I once again took a break I didn't plan.

    I do take care of my health… I have had days where I ended up watching shows the whole day when I am very tired. I have gradually become more relaxed about my routine rather than really prevent myself from having fun.

    If one of the messages for me is to relax even more,

    Well… this…robbery… really did not have to happen…



    Dear helleia:

    I am sorry you and your family were burglarized and items stolen. Naturally, you feel violated and angry. I hope you do increase your home security and otherwise do the best you can to prevent, as much as possible, such future violations. Post and vent anytime, if it helps.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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