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    I’m feeling sad for my trigger fingers
    Carpal Tunnel Ever Lingers
    OH and also my tennis, golf and sumo elbows
    My dequervains in wrist
    will ever more persist
    My basal thumb tendonitis
    and did I mention rotator cuff?
    Is that enough?
    Well I’ll just add my chronic neck stiffness
    and last but not least
    my grade 1 spondyloslisthesis
    I could write a thesis

    So is it real or just created?
    By negative mind
    events outdated
    I know for sure if I’m excited
    I’ll forget
    all about it


    I’m feeling less hungry right now anyway
    Not eating at the computer today


    A wee bit sad, a titbit mad
    My eyes droopy, from the meal I just had

    What is spondyloslisthesis? lol


    spondylolisthesis- spine is out of alignment, impinging on nerves


    that does not sound like fun…


    I am feeling a heartache right now. It hurts mentally and even physically. My chest hurts and it feels so damn bad. This kind of feeling is suck. I feel like i am such a time bomb, can explode anytime. I don’t smile much this day to my friends, i don’t even respond to what they say to me. i know this is wrong. I hope i will recover soon


    I hope you recover soon too Christina.
    Go with the flow though. These things take time.

    Nina Sakura

    Sadness mixed with nostalgia, bittersweet feelings -a precious 2 year relationship ended amicably with the guy who was “the one” and lost a baby with. Glad i met him and loved him though, some things are not meant to be.

    Love and happiness – a new friendship with a most unexpected person who has had more losses than anyone i know…In the middle of a passionate infatuation and an endless support from both our sides – he too reeling from the death of a girl he loved. she died in his arms in those few minutes.

    Nervousness – upcoming exams and placement season in a few days…

    Clarity – Sometimes we have to let life be, let life take its course. At best we need to be proactive as people but not over-analyze.

    So yes, bittersweet happiness is the best word.

    Non, je ne regrette rien


    Nina Sakura: “je ne regrette rien”- this is Edith Piaf, isn’t it?

    Dear Jack:

    This thread started by Hypochondriac Henry (was it Henry?)

    Feeling right now: a bit hungry, a bit caffeinated, tired, a bit unwell, foggy, a bit anxious hmm… surprising for this being the best part of the day for me.



    Can never read enough poetry from you, Jack. More, anytime!


    Hypo Henry is his name
    aches and pains
    is his game
    He loves to moan
    He loves to groan
    about his latest

    He has a fascination
    for self-examination
    Likes to see
    “what’s wrong with me?
    is it cancer?
    or just a splinter?
    will I have a stroke?
    please tell me
    it’s no joke
    will I be disabled?
    or am I wrongly labelled?”


    Dear Jack:

    I love your poetry. It sounds so good and no compromising content for the rhyming. Hypo Henry, yes. Fascination with self examination…Will I be disabled or am I wrongly labelled?

    As to the title of this thread: I am feeling calm with a touch of depressed.


    quiet again
    on tiny Buddha
    not a soul
    nor a saint
    tempted to feel
    but know I’m not
    the only lonely

    I’m getting tired
    of new age wisdom
    present moment
    just a moment!
    can’t you think of
    anything else?
    words get weary
    oh so easy
    we all need
    to go beyond

    I reread Tolle’s story
    of his awakening
    Try to make his
    apply to me.
    point me
    in the direction
    I need to go
    I feel I’m wasting
    my life away.


    focus on helping others you say
    stop brooding over your loveless day
    listen to their cries for help
    put yourself
    in their shelf
    try to see
    with empathy
    they are just like you
    they need love too
    and they want an end
    to their desire to end
    that their OK


    Dear Jack;

    So glad you are here! What slow traffic! I don’t think I ever heard or noticed I heard any news about Southern Australia, but I think it is today I heard there were fires there, a farm burned or so, and of course I thought of a Jack living in Southern Australia! Your poem is well written, says I. As usual, good with words, you are. Good use of language! To the content of the poem: “point me- in the direction= I need to go- I feel I’m wasting- my life away.’

    Anita to the rescue
    Here in tiny buddha
    A soul and a saint for you
    Ready to take you
    Beyond New Age
    Are you ready, Jack-
    Hold tight, we are about to take off
    Into the great Beyond
    Beyond the present moment
    And into the past where little boy Jack is waiting
    Waiting to be picked up
    How long will he wait?

    Hey, Jack…


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