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    April V. Wheeler

    I noticed that I only paint or draw when I am feeling very, very anxious.
    I am usually a person who writes a lot, but sometimes my anxiety is too overwhelming and this is when I draw or paint a lot, as a way to seek relief from worries.
    It relaxes me more than writing.

    What are you looking for/ what are you seeing in painting and drawing?

    Sheila McCann

    Hi April,

    What an interesting question! I tend to draw and make visuals when when my mind is full and I don’t want to think…it’s very relaxing. It’s less complicated and more primitive. I usually write to explore themes, create stories or process feelings and emotions.


    I tend to paint and draw (zentangle is a new hobby) when I’m obsessing over something and want to redirect my energy…it’s a wholesome way to help myself stop replaying a difficult experience. Also, I create when I’m just in the mood to be “in the flow”…it’s deeply satisfying to be concentrated on something (just lost in it) that isn’t harmful.


    Hey April,

    There’s so many emotions and experiences that comes with drawing that unreally beautiful and exotic. Drawing really helps to get me to appreciate the life for it’s beauty. However, when I first began drawing, I have a similar experience with you that drawing helped with aggression and coping with anxiety I had with people, but you bring up a good point to why do I draw and I think it would be interesting to learn how it spiraled. What I see is expressive lines and somewhat of a clear serene existence that I visually imagine as a surfer on a wave (I don’t know how to surf though, but it’s fun for me to imagine doing an fascinating sport like that) but I hope you feel this too the next time you draw, is feeling what the drawing does to your every breath.


    Hi April,

    When I draw/color/work on my crafts, my brain finds relief from the constant analytical thinking that I engage in every waking moment. The over analyzing is exhausting, and art gives me a break. Similar to what Quandra mentioned above, I can get lost in something that’s constructive and pleasant.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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