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    Hi all, another fun discussion I want to start where we can share the kind of music we love listening to.

    I think my musical tastes are quite eclectic – I’m an alternative rock kind of person – the kind of stuff I love to listen to is alternative rock, trip-hop, shoegaze, grunge, industrial rock, electronica (the really slow, chilled out kind of stuff), drum and bass, punk, ambient, just about anything from the nineties…

    I think the earliest songs I can remember listening to are by The Cranberries – ‘Dreams’ and ‘Linger’ are two of my all-time favorite songs and I can remember those from childhood. I remember my favorite song from early childhood being “Quiet” by Bjork – I am still a huge Bjork fan!

    The first concert I ever went to was an Avril Lavigne concert (circa her second album – when she was a cool skater-girl type). I don’t exactly call myself a huge fan of her music anymore so I cringe at this memory! At this time I was a huge Nickelback fan but when they released ‘Rockstar’ I wasn’t really into them anymore.

    I went through an emo phase as a teenager and I remember avidly collecting every KoRn, Offspring, Nirvana and Green Day album I could get my mitts on. The first CD I ever bought for myself was by My Chemical Romance *cringe* Later on in my teens, I started listening to the kind of bands my mom recommended – The Cure, Depeche Mode, Gary Numan, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Sisters Of Mercy. At this time, there was a huge TV show airing in the UK called Ashes To Ashes (A time-travel police procedural drama set in the 1980’s – was a follow-up from Life on Mars) which spawned an obsession with 80’s music – Duran Duran, The Eurythmics etc.

    Anybody here used to watch WWF (World Wrestling Federation?) There used to be this female wrestler Lita and she’s in this band (The Luchagors? Can’t remember the name) but my friend dragged me along to one of their concerts and I got to have my photo took with her!

    I also first started listening to this group called ‘The Birthday Massacre’ – a lot of electro-goth-pop-synth kind of stuff. I was fooled into believing they were around in the 80’s but the group have actually been around since late 90’s/early 2000s!

    I was listening to a lot of old groups I had never heard of when I was 17, namely a lot of shoegaze and indie bands from the late 80’s/early 90’s groups (My Bloody Valentine, Jesus and Mary Chain, Curve, Lush, The Primitives, The Smiths) One group I especially love are Cocteau Twins – their songs inspire me so much with my art and Elizabeth Fraser is one of my favorite vocalists.

    When I moved to uni, I started listening to more electronica and trip-hop kind of stuff as per the recommendation of my best friend (Massive Attack, Leftfield, Sneaker Pimps, The Prodigy).

    These days I listen to a lot of stuff by bands like Collide and Kidneythieves. I guess as I get older I’m less snobby about the kind of bands I listen to (I was a huge music snob in my late teens, I think I’ve mellowed out now *cackle*) – when I am cooking in the kitchen, I can be found listening to BBC Radio 2 where they play an assortment of older bands. They were even playing some stuff from the solo album of Agnetha Faltskog (the blonde lady from Abba) and I remember thinking her songs weren’t that bad.

    I do like listening to some contemporary artists as well every now and again – I hate to admit it but I like ‘Bad Blood’ by Taylor Swift!!! There’s this acapella group big at the moment I think go by the name ‘Pentatonix’ and I think they’re pretty cool. Lady Gaga’s songs are pretty catchy as well XD

    Concerts I’ve been to – Avril Lavigne, The Luchagors, Skunk Anansie (seen twice, amazing band!), Switchfoot, KoRn, Garbage (best concert I’ve been to!), Combichrist and The Primitives (it seems like all the indie groups from around that time are reforming)

    So I’ve mentioned the kind of bands I love listening to, the concerts I’ve attended, my guilty pleasures…

    What about you? What bands do you love? What are your favorite genres of music? What are your guilty pleasures? Have you been to any concerts? Do you collect physical copies of the music you love – i.e CDs or vinyl? Do you like classical/instrumental music?


    I like all kinds especially rockabully, technopump, razzdip, archipelago, aqua blues, cornpop, and folkdiddle.
    But I like some of yours including Cranberries, The prodigy and Bjork.
    Now the last one is an interesting one, Bjork. She really captures the feeling of depression in my view. Some of her songs are so haunting, I cry. Just utterly beautiful.


    Hey Jack

    Did you ever listen to any of her songs from The Sugarcubes, her previous band?


    No I don’t know Bjork that well. I saw her in a movie once though.


    Up until recently I enjoyed many kinds of music from the varying subgenres in classical music, to rap/hip-hop, hard rock, and early 2000’s techno/dance/electronic.

    Now, I can only enjoy very few kinds of music without becoming depressed. I enjoy classical music that uses all parts of an orchestra; strings, air, percussion, keys. My absolute favorite music is trance/electronic/house, but that isn’t the right way for me to put it. Inside those few areas are a handful of songs that remain my favorites throughout different stages of my life. I keep one main playlist with under 15 songs. If I skip a song twice, I take it out. Music is very powerful when it comes to emotions, and me being so empathetic makes music the only thing I can’t keep from making me cry. For an example, any song or tune that even slightly resembles a country song will make me struggle with insanely sudden, intense, depression. This is the only time this happens to me, but I really can’t listen to music outside of my (literal) comfort zones anymore 🙁


    Hi” everyone, I enjoy listing to: underground hiphop (Murs/Grouch/Eligh/Atmosphere/Mos Def/People Under the stairs/The Roots/ J Dilla) etc….Trans/Chill music (Nujabes/A.T.B.) etc….Classic Rock (Steve Miller Band/Queen/David Bowie/The Who/Journey/Eagles)etc…Really any type of good music!
    My top 10 by artist and songs…

    Soul music 1) Luther Vandross: Never to much.
    2) Gregory Abbott: Shake you down.
    3) The Gap Band: Out standing.
    4) Rockwell: Some bodys watching me.
    5) Sade: Sweet taboo.
    6) Earth wind & fire: September.
    7) Michel Jackson: Don’t stop.
    8) Kool & the Gang: Get down on it.
    9) Marvin Gaye: Mercy mercy me.
    10) AL Green: Lets stay together.

    80’s music 1) Tears for fear: Every body wants to rule the world.
    2) The Clash: Rock the casbah.
    3) Cyndi Lauper: Time after time.
    4) Depeche Mode: Enjoy the silence.
    5) The Doors: LA woman.
    6) Talking Heads: Psycho killer.
    7) A-HA: Take me on.
    8) Drama Rama: Anything.
    9) Eurythmics: Sweet dreams are made of.
    10) Bananarama: Cruel summer.

    50’s-60’s music 1) Ben E King: Stand by me.
    2) Chuck Berry:
    3) Barrett Strong: That’s what I want.
    4) Buddy Holly & the Crickets: Everyday.
    5) Ray Charles: Got a women.
    6) The Chords: Sh”boom.
    7) The Everly Brothers: Bye-Bye love.
    9) The Chantels: Maybe.
    10) Johnny Cash: Folsom prison blues.

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    Thanks J for starting this post!
    really made me smile”…memory lane, music has always been there for me in any type of situation or mood…Especially when times weren’t all at best”…


    I’m with Laycee somewhat.

    I enjoy a wide variety and look upon my taste as entirely mutable. No one can really claim to have much musical taste if they stick hard and fast to a particular Genre.

    I love orchestral sounds and lately have enjoyed Steve Reich’s Sextet, performed by Yale Percussion Group.

    I cannot read music but struggle with an old 80 bass Piano Accordion that at least helps with fundamentals.

    I get the bit about music and emotion and can quite easily well up listening to all sorts.

    For me, nothing touches music for evoking strong emotion!

    Look at Arnold Bocklins painting “The Isle of the Dead”, but then hear Rachmaninov’s  symphonic poem of the picture! Breathtaking!

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