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    Paula Grieco

    We spend a whole lot of time working – most of us do anyway.  And yet so many people slug through their days to get to their vacation or their after-work activities when the “fun” begins. But there is another option and that’s doing work that you love like crazy and what matters most. Don’t worry if you haven’t figure out your purpose yet. First things first.  Name something you love like crazy and that expresses who you really are.

    Danielle Lynn

    Paula, I subscribe to this belief.  In fact, once you love what you do, the word “work” loses its conventional meaning!

    I love to help and uplift people.  If that’s too general, then I love to talk with people and help them expand and improve their lives in some way or another.  I’m something of a people person. 🙂

    I’ve put a lot of thought into how that applies to what I do (work-wise.)  I feel blessed and fortunate to have the chance to work with so many amazing individuals and help them with their businesses.

    What about you Paula?  What’s something you love like crazy.

    Paula Grieco

    Danielle — SOOOO true! I couldn’t agree more that the concept of “work” loses its conventional meaning when you are doing work that you love like crazy!!!

    I love lots of stuff like crazy, but I’ll focus on one for now which is writing. And take it a step further — for me to create purpose takes a combination of what you love to do and applying that to an area that really matters to me and can make a difference in the world in an extraordinary way.

    I love to write, but devoting my writing life to something that doesn’t feel earth shattering to me is empty.

    But writing in a way that makes a difference in the lives of others, that contributes to my belief that everyone deserves the opportunity to create a life of meaning and purpose though — that makes me giddy!

    How did you figure out what truly mattered to you?

    Danielle Lynn

    WRITING! Love it.

    Would you mind showing me your blog? Or what you write?  I’d love to see 🙂

    Well, I figured out what mattered to me by stepping back.  I was too close to what I was doing and trying TOO HARD to figure out what the heck I wanted to do.  In other words, I was getting in my own way.

    Once I relaxed and opened myself up to being more receptive, what truly mattered to me started to become crystal clear.

    I can tell you, one of the things I’ve had to learn to let go of is C-O-N-T-R-O-L! Once I did that, it made my life easier in a lot of ways.

    Maria Brilaki

    Hey Danielle,

    How did you release control? Can you name a few examples of how you changed? It would be super-interesting to me.


    Alayna C

    I’m new to this forum, but look to this website for daily sustenance in my painful routine. This is an obstacle I’ve been trying to overcome for years, but recently feel its pressure on a daily basis. Needless to say, I’m struggling. I’m passionate about music; listening to it, researching different musicians, learning their history, and trying to share that with others to help them maybe find some release or sense of having someone else relate to them when maybe they’re incapable of vocalizing whatever “it” is themselves….myself included. I feel there’s a certain therapy in music that reaches a broad spectrum of diverse individuals and their unique background. While this is my passion, hwow do I translate this to something I’m able to do as my “work”?


    Alayna, There are so many awesome things you can do in the music field that may not pay anything initially, but if you are passionate about it, why not start a music blog? Or volunteer at a local radio station? Interview bands, or do music therapy with children or seniors? The possibilities really are endless. The main thing is to share what you love, and in the process, you will gain much enjoyment, and make a positive impact on others. Try to make friends with others who are doing similar things you envision for yourself, or that you can collaborate with. Just some thoughts! 🙂

    The one thing that I love like crazy and that expresses who I am the most is fine art and music. Ok, that’s two things, but picking one doesn’t feel right.

    Alayna C

    Thanks for the advice! I really DO appreciate it and have never really thought about how to logistically about moving toward my goal(s). I’ve never really believed I’m capable of doing something other than the 9-5 because I feel that it’s a “safe” way to support myself financially (that and I lack anything that resembles self-confidence, which is a whole different topic). After all, that’s what my parents and their parents have done for years, right? I feel lately that we’re all molded to fit what society has in mind for us. I DO believe some people fit the typical work environment well, and given different circumstances, I (and others) can clock in, do their jobs and clock-out, leaving that world behind them as they move forward day in and day out…becoming more and more consumed in their “safe” lives. I’m sure I’m not making much sense here, and this isn’t meant to sound judgmental at all because I deep down DO truly envy the people that can go to work day in and out and are perfectly content…they’ve found their purpose, or at least are in a position that the reward(s) outweigh the sacrifices. That’s what I’m looking for for myself. I’m afraid I’m never going to have the guts to actually break my current mold to give myself the opportunity to pursue or at least try different, maybe less traditional ways of fulfilling my purpose, while supporting myself financially.

    I do consider doing a blog at times, but then I’m worried/afraid I would run out of interesting things to share eventually. My fears are controlling my life as I re-read this post.


    I figure it’s challenging enough to break the 9-5 cycle, so you may as well try not to worry too much about it. Less time worrying equals more time following your dreams. 🙂

    Meghan Yule-Rosen

    A few years ago I was visiting San Francisco and stopped at Grace Cathedral to walk their maze. The idea being you begin the maze with submitting whatever is bothering your soul to God, asking God to help you with your concerns.
    Then you walk the maze praying on an answer, comfort, direction. I submitted my question, prayed on an answer, and hell if half way through the maze I didn’t feel like I had the answer.
    Don’t worry about your questions, they will work themselves out. Instead be joyful.
    Since that event I have made a point of being joyful. Of sharing joy with those I care about. Of bringing joy to whatever situation I can.
    What that event reminded me of is that I can’t control situations. I can control how I respond.
    And I choose to respond with joy.

    Vibha Dhawan

    Its so nice to know sometime that you aren’t the only one ay! These forms are doing a great job to remind people that they are in fact sane, even though running around in circles in the constant quest to find your passion might not feel sane from any angle.

    How do you know you’ve crossed the fine line between researching and over analyzing what you are passionate about?

    Rachael Moyte

    I love cooking. More importantly, I love showing people how to cook in fun ways. I love creating my own flavors and learning about healing one’s self through food. Currently, I’m getting registered for culinary school, I volunteer at a food-based non-profit in Denver, CO and I just recently got a job as a prep cook (paying my dues and learning everything I can). In the coming couple of years, I am going to start my own non-profit. I’m not sure what it’s going to look like yet, but it’s going to be dealing with food and helping a whole lot of people.

    I didn’t find my passion for cooking and food until a couple of years ago. I only got word from the Divine that I’m supposed to start a non-profit until a couple of weeks ago. I’ve worked in several different fields and cooking is the only one that I could see myself doing for the rest of my life. There is just something that makes me so happy to be alive when I’m cooking. Nature really provides some amazing ingredients to use and play with… and I hope to be able to help many people find their passions through cooking and healthy eating.

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