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    Nina Sakura

    What were the biggest challenges in your life so far? How did you overcome them? What were the thoughts, practises, people, situations that helped you the most in handling things? This is different for everyone but would love to see people share their experiences.


    My biggest challenge has been facing my jealously and in turn improving my self-esteem. I find there isn’t too many resources that specifically target jealousy but through the years I have found that Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can help one with most issues they face. At times I still continue to struggle with jealousy to be honest but have found myself making great strides and getting fewer “flare ups” so to speak.
    Yoga has slowly helped me deal with these unpleasant feelings and reactions. Breathing is honestly the number one thing that gets me through difficult moments in life. Just a few deep breaths in and out before acting irrationally. I guess it gives you time to act more rationally, less habitually.
    I also have taken much more time for myself. It took me 100,000,000 times of hearing to PRACTICE SELF CARE EVERY DAY before I started to integrate it into my life. Honestly, this time to myself is really helping me build my confidence and love myself.
    I also have removed Facebook from my phone and don’t use Instagram as I was finding myself so focused on making comparisons and even judging others for sport (as a way to make myself feel better) and it was incredibly unhealthy. Taking those social media images and reminders away has helped me to practice STOP judging others and in the end to STOP judging myself.
    It is always a work in progress. We all just do the best we can :). I also try not to take life too seriously… there aren’t too many gains in doing same at the end of the day.


    Hey Nina! Im still in the middle of my biggest challenge and I dont think I will ever be out of it. My biggest challenge is more of a goal I have set for myself and it is to stay grounded and in touch with reality no matter how anxious or depressed I feel (I suffer from both anxiety and depression and my coping mechanisms involve escaping my reality thru various non substance related means). Meditation has helped, journaling has helped. My anxiety often gets the better of me, and accepting that that is going to happen sometimes has helped too.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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