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    I lost my job as the breadwinner due to the economic turndown.

    I was actively seeking, and got so discouraged by rejections that i’m depressed, lost self esteem and joy.

    I had to file bankruptcy.

    I live with high level stress from the moment I wake up and pray for the ability to sleep without an aid.

    I’ve been told that I’m not enough by my only daughter and no longer have her love.

    Today, I don’t think i’m worth much. I don’t have the energy to keep battling the mountain in front of me.


    Dear Julie527,
    My heart aches for you. I especially feel the sharp pain of rejection by your only daughter.

    I hope you have a sangha, a circle of those who will love and support you, a spiritual community who can hold you up while you are going through this.

    If you don’t then go seek one, whether it is a church group or Buddhist center, a 12 step meeting, or even a group of one loving soul.

    We all need help in this life from others. Regular meditation, exercise, and just plain prayer are all proven ways to get us through such challenging times, moment-by-moment, day-by-day. Before each day begins focus on how it can be better, even a little. At the end of the day you can focus on your gratitudes however little they may seem.

    Writing/journaling can be useful in getting out of your head and putting down all your pain and stress.

    I send you hope and love Julie.



    Thank you, Mark. I am journaling. I don’t have a circle tho. I have my husband and sadly we both need a circle of support.
    I appreciate all your good thoughts.


    Hi Julie527

    I am sorry for the hardships that you are going through.

    Julie, if someone was to ask you the same question that you have asked on this forum, what would be your response ? Be honest and write the responses down. This is the same advice you need to follow.

    Everyone on this forum can try to provide an answer to your “why” but no one will come close to the real answer that you are capable of coming up with.

    Just some thoughts, which may add clarity to your situation:

    – in the spiritual world, everything happens for a reason. Everyone comes into our life for a reason. Every incident occurs to teach us a life lesson. The lessons to be learnt by each one of us are : forgiving self and others for all the pain; accepting self and others as we are; and loving self and others unconditionally. These lessons are very profound but as we start on the journey to embrace them, life becomes more joyful and peaceful.

    – negativity breeds negativity and thats why, sometimes it can feel that life is a challenge or a constant battlefield. To change this around, you will need to embrace positivity and look for a hidden blessing in these tough times. I can assure you that in a few years, you will be recounting your blessings that these times will bring.

    – this affirmation comes to mind for you: “it is all happening for my highest good and the universe is providing for my every need. I am safe. I am loved by the universe”. You may choose to start practising this affirmation few times a day every time you feel down and need a lift. Believe in every word of this affirmation. My heart says that it will bring joy and happiness in your life sooner rather than later.

    Sending you heaps of unconditional love and acceptance.

    Stay positive. You are worth it.



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